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How Many Appetizers do we Need?

We are doing a cocktail hour before dinner with passed appetizers. How many appetizers do we  need? The most recent quote I got from a catering company only had two priced out (two different varieties, and one piece of each per guest). I don't feel like that's enough! Is it? I was thinking at least four different types, with enough for four pieces per person, but I've never done this before and don't want to get way too much food when people will be eating dinner soon afterwards.

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Re: How Many Appetizers do we Need?

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    If you are serving a full meal aftewards, then 16 pieces per person (4 pieces each of four varities) is too much.  But two pieces per person isn't quite enough.  Does you quote include two different passed appetizers, and also stationary appetizers?  If that's the case, then you are fine.  But if all the appetizers are being passed, I would say you need more than two different kinds.

    Caterers have a formula that seems to always work, so don't try to second guess them on quantities.  Don't forget that the numer of pieces per person are an average -- some people will eat more than this, some people won't have any.  It works out.
  • So maybe three would be good? They quoted me for only two passed appetizers. I definitely don't want to overdo it with the food. And I know the caterer knows best, but I'm so worried about people being hungry! 
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    I think if you have budget to add a third passed appetizer, that would be good.  People like to have a few different choices and tastes, and I don't think that two provides that.
  • I think if you can do 3 varieties, with 1-2 of each variety per person, you'll be good. We had 4 varieties. I haven't been to a wedding with less than 3. I've seen up to a dozen different ones, but usually it's just 1-2 trays of each, rather than expecting everyone will get all of those.
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  • Ok thank you! 

    We are trying to compare quotes, so I want to make sure they all have even numbers of food so we can accurately compare.

    I'll go with three then. That seems like a good number. 
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