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So, I've basically ignored all the previous posts about marriage licenses since ours was just going to be a commitment ceremony, but since equal marriage has started spreading across America like dominos I have now realised that I'll need to get clued up!

Our officiant has suggested registering online. What's involced in that? When do we go to pick it up?
UK brides, what did you have to do in the UK to register your wedding?
Thanks all! :)

Re: Marriage licence

  • Our officiant has suggested registering online. What's involced in that? When do we go to pick it up? 
    it's a preform that allows you to skip the line (or rather, go into a different line...) at the marriage bureau.   saves you some paperwork time at the office + some wait time (if there is a wait). 
  • All the info is on the Clark County Nevada website

    Basically you use their website to preregister and you don't have to do a lot of paperwork in person it's already in their computer system.
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  • Here's a step by step:

    The pre-app turns what can be a two hour visit into often a five minute visit.

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  • Be forewarned - the site only accepts IE, versions 5-8.  There are numerous warnings.  It's true.  I tried on Windows, OS, Chrome, and three versions of IE that I had access to.  So, we will be spending however long it takes tomorrow to get our license without it.  I'm just bummed.
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  • As a UK bride there's nothing you need to do back in the UK before marrying in the USA. It's actually cheaper since a marriage licence in Vegas is $60 and it costs £35 per person to give notice to marry in the UK!
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    You don't need to do anything before you leave or when you're back home in Scotland. Not long to go now!
  • @Ndelible is right!  The site is very finicky, we had to drag out an old PC from the closet and use that to finally get the online form submitted.  Couldn't get it to work on a Mac at all!

    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • We pre-registered and were in and out of the place to pick up our license in about 10 minutes.  That said, it was a giant pain submitting the form.  I cannot believe that the city of Las Vegas, of ALL places, doesn't have an updated system for submitting marriage license applications.  That seems crazy to me!
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  • Brilliant, thanks for your help everyone! Less than three months now! :smiley:
  • Oh thanks for this post. I was a bit confused about what we would have to do to make it legal in the UK. The GOV website is not clear at all and is about as helpful as a chocolate fire-guard. I was pretty sure we didn't have to do anything when we got back to the UK but you always see these horror stories don't you (plus I do get bad anxiety about anything and everything). :D 
  • Note that if you pick the right time, the whole process can take less than 15 minutes without submitting your forms previously. That's about how long it took us on a Thursday afternoon around 3pm.
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    Can anyone tell me if the online form requires your passport numbers if you're from outside the US? FI needs a new passport before we go so I'm just trying to gauge when I need to get on these things.

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  • Sorry this is late but yeah, I'm pretty sure I had to have the passports handy for filling it could check by loading the form on the website though. :)
  • If you're coming from an international location, it's probably best to have them with you since they're such a heavily inspected and secured document.
  • This is my second wedding. I am told I just need to provide the date of my divorce (decree absolute), and the location of the court. And if I don't remember the exact date then just the month and location. I would have thought that I would have needed the decree itself? But hey, it's a relief not having to look for the certificate. I am told that my passport will suffice as an ID. I can't believe it's so straight forward :-)
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