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Please Help! Very Specific Venue

Calling All Who Know About Wedding Venues: I am in need of a place to get married that 1. have a full service kitchen / no catering list we have to choose from, 2. has an indoor and outdoor area just in case November 7th happens to be really hot or cold, 3. fits 50-80 people, and 4. doesn't cost a billion dollars. We're going for a dinner party / great-food-and-company theme, so nothing too fancy is required. Apparently there is no "advanced search" option anywhere where I can just check some boxes and all of the venues that fit pop up.

We live in Midlothian, so we'd like to stay somewhere in the general DFW area. We were hoping to have it in our backyard, but it looks like our house isn't going to be finished in time. :[ Whomp whomp! 

Any suggestions? Please and thank youuuuu! #weddingplanningishard

Re: Please Help! Very Specific Venue

  • There is a new venue opening in McKinney in january (i think) called Lot 207.  (my planner told me about it) They do full service catering on site.  Not sure about an outdoor setting, but mckinney is great!  
  • Whats your budget?
  • Nakaysions is a horrible venue. Do NOT book them. The owners are rude and limit what the bride and groom can do. This person is obviously the venue. I had a very bad experience with them.
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    The Bingham House in McKinney would be a good fit, though it may be a little too far from Midlothian.

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  • The Colleyville Center is super nice! Bring in your own vendors for everything! It might be a little big for 80 people and a little far, but it may be worth checking out. 
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    We are getting married at Mediterranean Villa in Arlington. The pricing is better than some of the other places we looked. They cater in-house and can even do your flowers. I didn't go with their florals, but if you do, all you'll need is a photographer and DJ. There is a really pretty courtyard for outdoors and a chapel inside.
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