Need help please ... Tight Budget, Venue first. Prime time of the year

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Hey All! So I'm looking through some of the posts but I thought I would post one to see what happens too. I have a somewhat tight budget for a July 2015 wedding. No more and maybe not even $10,000 that includes everything that I need, venue, food, drinks, dress, decorations, all the jazz that's needed for a wedding. So I think I'm looking for a venue to be no more then $1,000. We are open to getting married Saturday or Sunday. I'm not sure which ... we really need to find a venue before we finalize anything. Let see some details, I'm not picky as to what type of venue, but something where a caterer could prepare the food there would probably be nice. Guest list is 120-150. And I think we are going to do the ceremony and reception at the same place. Oh and I live in Chicago, Fiance in Florida soooo I can't really go look at all these places right away and when I am in town, it's better to not waste too much time. My parents are the ones in Maryland right now. I'm pretty much open to anywhere in Maryland although my parents live in the Baltimore area so closer to that may be easier. Thanks so much for your help! It's overwhelming and exciting and amazing all at once!!! Congrats on all your engagements and weddings!

Re: Need help please ... Tight Budget, Venue first. Prime time of the year

  • Hey Knottie!

    I am a wedding coordinator in the Maryland area and also am planning my own wedding for next fall- I would be happy to help!  In regards to your budget, I would definitely say that if you are open to a Sunday you can usually get a great deal.  Another note is that December/January are the busiest times for booking, so I would act ASAP on trying to find a place to get the best date options.  In regards to catering, I would definitely lean towards more of a casual (perhaps picnic or BBQ) option to stay within your budget. What type of venue are you interested in?  I am happy to help with additional planning details- e-mail me at [email protected]  Good luck!
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    I'm getting married in June 2015 and chose a Sunday wedding really out of necessity there was nothing left on Saturday when I started to look in November. Although you can save on the venue fee on Sunday You have to get up pretty much all in one venue. The reason I say that is I'm getting hit with up charges all over the place for Sunday deliveries. Keep that in mind and make sure you find someplace will you know exactly what you're getting. Definitely not saying I'm not having a fabulous wedding but it is more than triple 10,000 for half the amount of people. I had planned on about 8K less but in the end I know I'll come in at about 5k more than I think I will now. All that said I have no discipline if you have some you will probably be okay. I would check some of the local parks you can find them to the county parks and rec sites. if you don't want something formal which would be difficult at that budget the parks might be ideal. They go fairly quickly though.
  • So I had my wedding at Grey Rock Mansion in Pikesville, on a Sunday, and it was pretty affordable - our budget was pretty similar to yours, and while we invited about 150 guests, we had 100 in attendance. We did get married in November though, not June. 

    Grey Rock is an all-inclusive type venue, and has an outdoor spot for ceremonies, but you can also have it in their (heated or air-conditioned) tent or in the ballroom (we did ceremony in the tent, cocktail hour in the ballroom, dinner in the tent, dancing in the ballroom)  
  • We are using Historic Baldwin Hall in Millersville, MD and Mission BBQ Catering. We are at $6000 for 108 ppl with everything included.
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