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New York-Hudson Valley

looking for a rustic venue WITH BATHROOMS

I live in the Albany area and am recently engaged! I'm looking to have a rustic/indie/classic vintage kind of wedding in either the capital district area, or the hudson valley area (where I grew up). I DO NOT want a "country wedding", but more of an elegant rustic theme, so a barn seems fitting, but is not the only option. I really really hate the idea of port-a-potties, so something with actual bathrooms is a must. I do like the more modern barns, like Pat's Barn in Troy.

Please Help!!

Re: looking for a rustic venue WITH BATHROOMS

  • Congratulations! What an exciting time! :)

    Look into Full Moon Resort in the Catskills

    I was strongly considering that location because their barn is beautiful.  They actually renovated it and it has a huge glass window (and bathrooms).  They offer lodging on site and meal plans for your guests.  It's a very rustic location.  It was a bit out of the way for our guests coming from the Boston area so we decided against it.  

    If you can live without the barn aspect but want some rustic charm- Bear Mountain is absolutely beautiful (if you have a nice budget to work with)  They have a huge lodge with exposed beams and also lodging on site.  

    I went to a barn wedding recently so I was able to get that out of my system.  Although very nice- try to find a place that does all the work for you.  Really made me appreciate the all inclusive venues. 
  • I had mine at Bear Mountain (at the Overlook Lodge) which is a bit of a rustic feel, but not country/barn like at all.  
  • Ah- bear mountain overlook lodge was my dream wedding venue (but we would have had to make a lot of cutbacks with our guest)! I settled with taking our wedding photos there and will be getting married at Cortlandt Colonial.  I really wanted the rustic feel but I just felt like there were very few options in Hudson Valley and esp. at a reasonable rate. 
  • I too foud a lot of the "rustic" options to be more expensive.  We didn't have a large guest list so Bear Mtn was doable - but many of the barn/winery options would have been much more expensive since they charge so much just for the site fee's.   There are many places in the Hudson Valley with that rustic feel, but I didn't do much research into them once I found and feel in love with Bear Mtn.


    I recently saw pictures of a wedding at this place http://www.owlshootbarn.com/  I've never been and know nothing about it, but since you are from the Albany area and this is more Northern in teh Hudson Valley, maybe worth looking into?

  • Hi Knottie1993.....PLEASE post venue info and pics of your Rhinebeck rustic chic wedding!! That is exactly what I am looking for and I am getting frustrated searching for a venue.
  • You should look at Torne Valley Vineyards. They have their weddings outside in a tent (looks gorgeous) and theres bathrooms in the main building. The people are very nice there. I was considering it but opted not to have it here cause we ultimately wanted to have an indoor wedding.

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