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AW: WHOOPS pro photos

I forgot to post a link!

Password is stephaniejack1116. Please enjoy the fact that my mom looks like she's maybe 40 years old.
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Re: AW: WHOOPS pro photos

  • Man, that website does not want to play nice with my work computer. Lame :(

  • Awww they're wonderful! You two look so happy!!!!!!!!

  • Aww you look so cute together!You can see you had a blast!
    As always looking at the details..were the flowers music note sheets?I loved them!
    And your cake was beautiful!Did you have a starry night theme?

  • Fantastic photos!
  • @marylab Half of the flowers were sheet music and the other half were pages from my husband's novel. We didn't have a theme--just whatever we liked!
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  • Yay! You are so pretty. Love them!

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  • @phira oooh!now it's even cutter.
    Maybe I am too sentimental with wedding stuff,
    but I like that it had such a personal touch.
    With a theme or not,it was beautiful :)
    And you rocked that dress!
    As we say here,I wish your life together to be a road full of flowers
    Weird translation but it's something we say from the heart :)

  • I love your dress and you are so pretty! The paper flowers are awesome too. 
  • These are awesome! You guys look so happy and sweet together :) I loved your dress when you showed us after a fitting and you looked amazing!!



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  • I love the pictures came out great!


  • Yay for same name :) And all of your pictures came out great!! 
  • Your pictures came out great!!

  • You looked so beautiful and the two of you so very happy!  Congrats!
  • Your dress is seriously everything. Also, I didn't know your H wrote a book!

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  • Holy cow those are gorgeous.  I'm continuing my serious love affair with your dress, and also now, your hair.  SO PRETTY!
  • Love these!! Congratulations! I loved the flowers, so creative.
  • I want to see! The website is telling me the session is closed. Boo!

    I'm sure everything was spectacular! Can't wait to see more pics as you post them here!

  • Ack, sorry! Here's the new link:

    If you don't want to sign the guestbook, because whyyyy would you, PM me and I'll send you my log in.
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  • Aww I love the bouquets!! I love paper flowers like that. You looked gorgeous!

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  • YAY! Thanks for sharing the new link @phira. I LOVE #98. You should totally get that one printed and framed for your bedroom. So sweet! I'm also still infatuated with #21 and #23 from your e-shoot. AND...I want to steal all your beautiful music roses. No idea what i'd do with them...but they're swoon worthy! 
  • They are beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.
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  • darnit! I clicked the link and it said that it's not available anymore. Booooooooooo! :(
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    @beanbot2002 I posted a second link that should work, and if you're not up for signing the guest book or whatever, you can PM me for login info!

    ETA: OKAY never mind, our photographer reactivated it! The first link should work again!
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