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Diy bouquet

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I want to make this bouquet where would i buy the stuff for it online?

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  • If it's mainly broaches or pins you could try etsy sites. I've seen a lot of these on there. Also, a recent friend had this at her wedding and she looked at some of her local antique shops and craft stores to make hers. Good luck!
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  • I made a brooch bouquet with supplies my family and friends donated.  My hubby's grandmother even went around her retirement community collecting old costume jewelry.  It saved me a TON of money.  There are a few sites online that sell brooches, but they go from $1-$5 a piece, which adds up.  All in all, I spent maybe $25 on supplies (glue, handle, ribbon, etc.).  image
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  • I'm planning on making a brooch bouquet as well. I ordered some bulk brooches from DHgate (20 for $25 and I ordered two so $50 for hopefully enough brooches to get me going) and my FMIL gave me some old brooches to use as well. I'm making it according to these instructions (she lists all the supplies needed):

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
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    I made a brooch bouquet for a friend. I would say it cost me close to $100 to buy all the brooches and supplies. Thrift stores and yard sales are a good source of cheaper brooches, pins and earrings. I also supplemented with some from eBay. The eBay ones were usually more expensive on average, probably $4 including shipping. I used the wiring approach and went through quite a lot of wire. 

    Edit to add: the example you gave would likely be more expensive to make because it is extremely full. I don't know how people do those without them getting pretty noisy and without them weighing a ton. 
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