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Nevada-Las Vegas

6 Weeks and Counting!!

Can't believe my wedding is just 6 weeks away! Seems like every decision is CRITICAL and at the same time I'm just making decisions on the fly! AH!

Re: 6 Weeks and Counting!!

  • how exciting!!! enjoy! :-)
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  • I just have been throwing darts at the floral arrangements, no idea what I want for a bouqet. So just picking something at random and hope I like it.

    Next thing is to figure out transportation from A, to B, to C, etc! I read on another thread that a bride wishes they rented a car, but I'm really wondering whether or not that would be worth it for us.
  • That's a good question... anyone have any experience renting a car and not using it, or not renting one and wished you had??
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  • I hear you! I am a little behind you in late February and feel like it will be a week out in a snap. This is what the planning is all for, so as long as we stay on top of it I think you and I both can breathe easier!
    [Deleted User]
  • We didn't rent one but wished we had. We could've used it running back and forth between the Orleans, the aria and the marriott grand chateau. Some of the can drivers tried to make us walk to marriott grand chateau because the fare wasn't high enough. It would've been easy to just get in and go for the errands
  • I have rented a car or have had a car in Vegas almost every time I have gone. Cars are cheap to rent and gas is cheap there. Vegas is a lot of walking and to get things done quicker it can be easier to drive. You may also have things you want to go get or to do off the strip. I always think its a good idea. I hated not having a car, even though I could walk I would have rather not.
  • We will be renting a car, and in fact we have done so the last three times we went to Vegas. I never used to before that but the convenience of having one is great, which is why we do it every time we go now. 
  • So, how is the best way to go about renting a car (CHEAP!)?  We've been to Vegas several times, but never rented one... 
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  • @dixiechik19 OK here is my secret lol... Go on Orbitz.com and put your dates in...unless you have points with some other rental car companies look at Advantage or EZ Rental Car (I haven't rented from both..they are great)....don't go with Fox...they want $400 hold on your card. On Orbitz you can reserve the car without paying for it. You just put your info in to hold that price, because the price will fluctuate. Sometimes I will even go back on the site and check again and hold another car and have several reservations in case something changes and I need a different car or I found a better price.

    lol I promise I am not crazy...just frequent Vegas a lot and I am a travel blogger 
    DixeChik19[Deleted User]jayjaay
  • Yeah it's tough. I think if I rent a car I probably won't use it, but if I don't rent a car I'll wish I had it.

    In reality, I want other people to rent cars to drive me around and do errands for me :D
  • @faith4keep... I couldn't agree more.  I'd rather them rent the car and do all the things while I just relax.  Ha ha.
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  • Renting a car was the best declension by far that I had! Congrats to all you btides to be - good luck, breath and have a blast :-)
  • you can also just rent a car for part of your trip.  Just about every hotel has a car rental desk but they are mainly Hertz and Avis.  Just a short walk down Flamingo Rd is Enterprise at the Westin.
  • Thanks for the advice!! I'm going to go ahead and rent a car :)
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