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Hair and Makeup/Getting ready question

I'm debating whether or not I should try to have hair and makeup done at the hotel near my wedding venue or if I should just get everyone to meet at a salon and have everything done there. At most, there would be 5 of us getting hair and makeup done, 4 if my mother chooses not to have it done professionally.

So I guess my questions are:

1. Any salon recommendations that will do a good job with hair AND makeup - My venue is in Las Colinas so I'd be looking for somewhere near uptown/downtown Dallas - won't go north of Irving.

2. Does anyone know approximately how much more their makeup artist did/will charge for doing makeup at their venue? I already have a short list of makeup artists I'm going to look into, I just don't know if it's worth having them come to me.

3. Any feedback about your experience and whether you preferred getting ready at a hotel or going out to have it done


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Re: Hair and Makeup/Getting ready question

  • I used Lindsay Hartley for make-up and she charged $75 per BM and she recommended someone for hair (Liz Vela from Halo Salon).  I think her charge was similar.  Getting it done at the hotel was a lot less stressful for me.  We had their complete attention and we weren't having to move around too much and having to worry about traffic.  Lindsay also went with me to the church to do last minute touch up after portraits and before the ceremony.  I ADORE her...  I can only speak from my experience, but it was such a stress-less day because we weren't moving around... so I highly recommend having someone come to you.  ;) 
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