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When to Register

This has probably been posted but it's hard to search sometimes. How far in advance do you register from your wedding date. I know sometimes it depends on showers but what is the average?

Re: When to Register

  • we were engaged for just over 6 months, so we started registering pretty much right away.  I wouldn't do it much further out than 6 months because so many things will turn over/go out of stock/etc with seasonal product changes.  We had to monitor a few times to make sure it was all available. 
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    How long is your engagement?

    If you're looking at like, 2+ years it's definitely too early. However, it is nice to check off your to do list.
    If you're going to do it 6-8 months prior to your shower/wedding, just make sure to check it periodically because sometimes items will be discontinued. Really though, whenever you're able to get to it is probably fine.


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  • We got engaged in December and we registered in January. A few gifts were purchased from our registry for engagement gifts though no party was given for us.  We got married the following September.

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    I registered 9 months before my shower, but a lot of department stores know what inventory they're going to have around for a year or so. So that's what I'd aim for. And your needs may change if you have a long engagement.

  • my wedding was in May and shower was early April...i think I did mine around end of January/early February, once all the holiday craziness was over and shelves were restocked.    I also did mine online since i didn't have a very big registry
  • Thanks everyone... The wedding is April 2015. Shower is in March. So was thinking Jan/Feb
  • The wedding is April 2015 for us too.  We're starting to trickle in the registry stuff but we're planning to have it complete hopefully by January. 

  • My shower is March 29th and wedding May 23rd. We registered yesterday.
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