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The venue we are using does all their own catering, food is amazing, I have been going there since I was young. My family loves food and there is nobody with dietary restrictions (this includes no vegetarians), his family is very meat and potatoes as he is from a farming family. Their main option for dinner is a two entree with salad, starch, rolls, and three additional sides, we can cut this down to one entree and save money (but yes, we can afford the two as well). Another option I have been playing with is something a little more interactive: five hors d'oeurves (they charge per person, need to find out how much that includes), a mashed potato martini station, carving station, salad, rolls, and seasonal veggies. My question is, for an evening wedding reception would you find this fun to mingle and get a bigger variety, or would it be safer to go with the typical plated or buffet style dinner with one or two entrees?

More info: hors d'oeurves can include heavier options such as brie en croute, crab cakes, buffalo wings etc. 

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Re: Food Options HELP

  • In theory I would love the variety of hors d'oeurves (though because I am gluten-free, I've gotten burned by this because many hors d'oeurves have a carby element to them and one wedding the only thing I could eat was the fruit and cheese kebabs, which ran out pretty early).  But, if one half of your guest list aren't really crab cake and brie en croute kin of people, then I would go with a traditional meal. 
  • Another vote for "stick with the traditional meal" given what you've told us! 
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    Personally, I prefer the bigger variety and less structure option. But to do something like that, you have to make sure to do it right. When people serve themselves, they take more than a typical serving. So you need to have more than the normal per person recommendation. Since it's more of a mingling atmosphere, assigned tables/seats doesn't make much sense so you need to have lots of extra seating so people can sit wherever they want. 
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  • Thanks for the advice everyone! Since I'm planning this from another state I may just go with the traditional meal as suggested by most. I would love to do the more station and appetizer option but it may just be too hard from here and to make sure everyone is happy.. Wow this wedding planning is a pain in the tush!

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  • Plated meal.

    I've been to weddings that have all the fun stuff out at cocktail hour, like the mashed potato bar, and then still a plated dinner after.  Your guests might be wondering where the dinner is, even if the appetizers are heavy.  And what PP said--a meal might be something FI's family can wrap their head around better if they're more the "meat and three" enthusiasts.

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