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We have talked bouquets; lets talk boutineers!

Our wedding is at The Flamingo and we opted to pay the outside venue fee for photography and videographer. Our package came with a bouquet and my FI boutineers, but extra for bridesmaids and groomsmen... Uhm no freaking thank you. Since I have always though spending an rap ton of flowers was a waste, I looked into different alternatives. I mean choosing Vegas for me was to not have such a traditionally wedding in the first place. I found these boutineers made out of playing cards; however Etsy vendor no longer in service, so took to You Tube and found how to Make them. I am pretty happy with the end result! Our groomsmen with have black playing cards and dark purple (our color) dice. My FI will have red and black cards with a good bulldog pin (we can't bring our baby Tank with us and wanted to have him represented), and my father, grandfather (both walking me down the aisle) and my FI father will have red playing cards with pins in the middle that say "father of the bride, grandfather of the bride,mans father of the groom."

Re: We have talked bouquets; lets talk boutineers!

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