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DIY Ceiling Drapings - Help!

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Hi all! My sister has had a bit of a bad luck run. Long story short, she had to move her reception hall and its not nearly as nice or pretty as the original one. We were thinking of DIY ceiling drawings to pretty up the place a bit. Any suggestions on where to get inexpensive material and lights? Or anyone selling some that they used for their own wedding? Any help is greatly appreciated!! TIA

Re: DIY Ceiling Drapings - Help!

  • Depending on the type of fabric, check out oriental trading online. But also check with the new venue to make sure they don't have any restrictions about how or if you can attache fabric to the ceilings/walls. Also for lights, make sure you get LED if they will be on the fabric to reduce the fire hazard.

  • I second Erikan73. 
    Our venue had a person who went in a created a variety of draperies that you hire, and has a collection of photos to share with brides for ideas. They did this to reduce holes in the walls. Thankfully the hooks for it are still there and can hang stuff from them. Google your location on "images" to find ideas.

    There are a variety of places online to buy used decor/curtains, when in doubt use craigslist (with caution), or put out a Want listing on Freecycle (for if you need an assortment of specific items). Again google is your friend, My FMIL found a few wedding resale sites in a week. 

    LED's are great (if you can buy/borrow) because you can plug more into one plug (x-mas incadecent typ. 3 strands per plug, x-mas LED 27+ strands per plug). Most of the strands at IKEA are sparse (but white cords), and are an inexpensive way to get LEDs. Or if you got a loong wait collect a bunch, when christmas goes on clearance in about a year. 
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    Definitely check with the venue first before purchasing stuff. My venue will not allow any sort of additional hooks etc for hanging things than what is in place. Basically nothing can be affixed to the walls or ceiling. if you don't have the stuff already in place, it'll make doing difficult. Any way you can jazz up the tables?

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