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Non-Sappy Mother/Son dance?

Anyone have any ideas for non-sappy mother/son dance songs? She has not been the best mother so none of the songs are really fitting. :/ 


Re: Non-Sappy Mother/Son dance?

  • That has potential! Thank you. lol

  • We did Louis Armstrong - Wonderful life
  • Oh I love that song! That doesn't have anything to do with mothers either. Thanks @Erikan73 !

  • You're welcome!! I didn't want a sappy song because I didn't want to cry while dancing with my father. It's the one time in my life that I got to dance with him (dad isn't a dancer) plus it's not a long song. We did a combined mother/son father/daughter dance so my husband wouldn't feel so much the center of attention.


  • That might be a good idea to combine as well. He doesn't really want to make it a big deal. However my mom and I love to do a little swing dancing (used to do it growing up) and we're both hams... maybe I'll just have to have swing music later on lol

  • We're combining the mother/son and father/daughter dance because neither of our parents really like being the center of attention.  If you want to combine, check out the song "Open Door" by You+Me.  It's not too sappy, it addresses both the mother and father and basically says 'hey, we don't see each other as much as we used to now that I've grown up, but you taught me how to be a good person and I hope you'll always be there for me when I need you'.
  • my FI is dancing to Rainbow Connection with his mom.  Its a bit fun and not mushy at all.
  • Thanks for the ideas!

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