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My dress won't be in for a few more months, but I am hoping to use Becky Fowler for my alterations (wedding is December 2015). I've read the rave reviews about her on the boards, and since she's obviously so popular, I was wondering when I need to contact her about doing my alterations? Is that something I can wait to do until my dress comes in, or should I do it sooner than that? I know a lot of the really popular vendors book up early, and I didn't know if alterations worked the same way.

Also, I got my dress at Bridal Boutique in Lewisville, and they offer on-site alterations. I've heard both good and bad things about the alterations department, so if I decide not to use them, do I just tell them that when they call to let me know my dress is in? 

Re: Alterations

  • I would wait until your dress comes in.  I just got married in December, and I don't think I called her before September to make an appointment.  I'd just give her a few weeks notice before you want to have your first appointment.  If you get it altered too early you run the risk of your size fluctuating, but give yourself a cushion.  She typically measures you when you come in and then you take it home with you the next time you come in, however I ended up needing several fittings so I was glad I had extra time!   I also recommend bringing someone with you to your appointments if you can and taking pictures.   
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