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Off the rack / Ready to wear wedding gown

My wedding is at the of June and we just booked the venue. Since, it is 5 months away, I think I will have to buy off the rack? Any recommendations for shops around the Twin Cities that have a good selection?  Or shops that get dresses back quickly?  I am also not looking to spend over 1k. 

Thanks so much!

Re: Off the rack / Ready to wear wedding gown

  • David's in Oakdale!!  IMO - regardless of where you end up looking, there are options out there.  Also, get as close to true to size as possible so you don't have to fork over huge sums of money on alterations which is what kills the budget!  Most bridal shops will sell you off the rack though, so unless you're a hard to fit size (i.e. plus or tall), you aren't going to have a problem if you go shopping now for June!  Whatever you do, do not fall for the less than ethical "If you don't order/purchase TODAY you aren't going to have a dress in time!" or pay for "Rush fees" - you've got time!!!!

    The tiara and veil can be purchased online super cheap (I got my daughter's First Communion Dress and tiara/veil from JJsHouse and Light In The Box - both had a month turnaround for dresses which is another option if you find a style you like but can't find it locally.  I did this for our 10th Anniversary trip and LOVED my gown!!!)

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  • Thank you so much!  This is very helpful.  
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