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Are these save the date magnets worth it?

They're quite expensive but very pretty. Comes with envelopes and bakers twine.
And we're having an outdoor garden wedding.
Yes we can afford them but we don't want to spend too much.

So do you think it's worth spending that much to get these?

Re: Are these save the date magnets worth it?

  • Eh, if you've got the money and just want to use them, go for it. They are really cute.

    But honestly, I spent about $30 total on ours, and I'm so glad I didn't spend more. Because they wont matter in the long run. People remember the wedding, not the STDs. I'd save my money for food/booze, reception décor, or at least the invitations if I were you. STDs were a very low priority.

  • The price may just be for the sample STD. Perhaps in bulk it's lower. I know I shouldn't care about STDs but I can't find a lot of cheaper ones I really like.
  • I usually don't find STDate magnets worth it. (even though the one you linked to is really cute)

    STDate postcards are almost always cheaper than magnets, and they get the exact same message across. Plus, people can always stick a postcard to their fridge if they want to. Just because you send them a magnet doesn't necessarily mean it's any less likely to end up in the trash than a postcard.

    But if it's in your budget and you love them... go for it!

  • Those are really gorgeous! First I'd note that that little bit of twine is likely going to mean extra postage if it causes a bump in the envelope, so that will be an additional cost on top of what seem like pretty spendy Save the Dates. The design is definitely unique but maybe you could find something with the same feel at MagnetStreet/Wedding Paper Divas etc. even if it doesn't have the shape. But I would say magnets as a rule are worth it if you have the money for it/care about them. The magnets I got for weddings that were 2 and 3 years ago are still on my fridge. The postcards are not. 
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    Those are super cute.  If you have no budget, I say go for them!  We used STD magnets from vistaprint ($1.00 each, including the envelope), and they were great.  We put the extra money toward the real invitations, because that's what really conveys the level of formality to the guests.  But those are very cute!
  • I always toss STD magnets if they don't have someone's picture on them.  I have enough crap covering my fridge that I don't need more text on there.  A picture, I'll put up...but this would go in the trash.  It's cute...but that's just my point of view.

  • I love those. But I think you can get something just as nice for cheaper. Plus many people have stainless steal these days and don't even have a place for magnets.

    Is there an option to do this design on paper? It might be cheaper and more practical for people.

  • Well on our stainless steel fridge, the side of it is magnetic.
    Do you guys really think magnetic stds are pointless now?
  • Well on our stainless steel fridge, the side of it is magnetic. Do you guys really think magnetic stds are pointless now?
    Not for everyone, I know people who still have the regular fridge. This just wouldn't work in most kitchens I've been in now because the fridge is tucked in and nothing sticks to the front. 

    Plus paper STDs are cheaper anyway, so it'd save you some money.

  • I don't like things on my fridge, so I just toss them. Personally, I'd save the money.
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