Country House in East Haven brides?

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FI and I went to visit it today and I'm seeing some definite pros and cons of the venue. Anyone been married there? Some of our cons are the outside, limited places for pictures, guests standing for the ceremony, and we would lose half of the venue's amazing brick because of the size of our guest list. Also, the owner Jim, didn't quite give us the greatest vibe. He seemed very much "I do this every day, day in and day out and don't care much about your personal details." 

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Re: Country House in East Haven brides?

  • I attended a wedding there recently. The food was delicious (and lots of it) but the space felt too small for the around 180 guests, I heard/saw none of the ceremony (which really disappointed me), the bar was packed and it took a really long time to get drinks, and we waited so long to get called to the buffet that most guests had already eaten by the time we were called. Also, I was not a fan of the service overall (there were 1-2 servers I liked though). 

    If you have the ceremony inside, make sure there are mics so people can at least hear, and maybe have people sit instead of stand so they can see. I would have liked it more if there were less guests, so if you're planning a smaller wedding it might work better and a lot of the problems would probably be eliminated. It's definitely a great value for the amount of food you get. 
  • I live in East Haven and have been to several events there over the years. It's the WORST. The food the terrible, the staff is rude, and seriously, they never change their menus ever. It's the SAME food for everything.
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