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For those who have used the Masterpiece "staffed option" i.e. not the express delivery, how helpful was the staff? Did they actually pass the appetizers or just supervise/fill the stations? It's not entirely clear from their brochure. Interested in apps only.

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  • I am using masterpiece and they will have staff that tray pass as well as keep the place clean and clean up after they serve the food. I've read great things about their service.
  • We had Cory as our banquet captain and he was absolutely amazing.  They didn't actually "pass" appetizers because we had everything set up in stations for guests to serve themselves, for the most part.  That said, everything was replenished without us ever even having to think about it or say a word.  It's like the staff was there when you needed them but out of the way when you didn't.  Cory and the one other guy that worked with him went around picking things up, asking people if they needed anything and they even checked on me and my family, personally, several times bringing us food and making sure we ate.  Cory even helped us try to set up the ipod with the speakers and wrapped everything up for us before they left.  We really didn't have much to do at all after the party (Meet & Greet).  For the record, we only did heavy apps and sliders.
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    Ok great. I think you answered my question. I was unsure if the heavy apps and sliders would be set up in buffet stations or "passed around". They seem to have great reviews! Did either of you use their bartender?
  • We are going with just a bartender for $30 per hour. We will be getting our own booze (we have our suite for 2 days prior) and getting our own stuff.
  • We originally planned on using a bartender but the costs were starting to creep up and so to stay in budget, we decided to go with just beer, wine, sodas and water and let guests serve themselves.  My husband brews beer as a hobby so he made a special "wedding beer" and since we drove from Phoenix, he brought 1 keg of beer and 1 of homemade hard cider.  Once we got to Vegas, we bought extra cans of beer and a bunch of wine and soda from Costco.  We put everything on ice in coolers and tubs and everyone had a great time.  We ended up with about 65-70 guests at the Meet & Greet in a Mandalay Bay Vista Suite and it worked great.  Nobody had any issue whatsoever with getting their own drinks.  If you decide you want to have mixed drinks, it might be nice to have the bartender there, especially if it's in your budget and you have a lot of guests coming.  We knew we were going to have a 5-hour open bar with anything and everything the next day at the reception though so for us, beer and wine was plenty and no bartender was necessary.
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  • If I decide to use Masterpiece, we will likely buy our own alcohol and hire the bartender. $30/hour is not bad at all.
  • Does anyone know when you have to give your final count?
  • For us, it was 14 days prior to the event.
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