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Gratuities for package deal vendors

I have seen a lot of posts regarding tipping over the months but would love some input as my day approaches.

We are doing a wedding ceremony and reception package at Mandalay Bay, so have been assigned a coordinator for both the chapel and the restaurant. Sadly, the original coordinators, who were great and who we booked and did walk-throughs and plans with have both left the property, and we have been assigned two new coordinators. One is good, the other is awful -- non-responsive, forgetful, if I ask three questions she answers just one, etc. I am not super happy with her, but we are a few weeks away so I figured I'd let it ride, and talk to someone above her afterwards to share my frustration.

I'm paying the typical service fees and room fees on top of catering for the restaurant and will of course tip the staff. But I'm not interested in tipping this bad coordinator. Is that just awful not to do? She's been assigned to us for just a couple months since the old one left and I am so not impressed. How much do I tip the "good" one who was assigned to us a few weeks ago (when her predecessor did all the legwork)? And how about the non denominational JP who the chapel assigns? Pianist?

Many thanks...

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    I woundn't tip if you have not received good service. I didn't tip my coordinator; she didn't do anything wrong per se but could have been much nicer in emails. I didn't email her much or ask for anything special and she certainly didn't go above and beyond so no tip from me. If the other new one hasn't had to really to much work I woundn't tip her or make it a small amount if you feel you need to.
  • I wouldn't tip either of them.  Coordinators in Vegas are paid a salary and should do their job.  I'm also not one to complain, but a bad wedding coordinator has no business being in that role, so in this particular instance I'd complain to a manager, while also complimenting the one that's doing a great job.  I have no idea why, but the turnover rate for wedding coordinators and group dining folks, in Vegas is insane; we went through three along the year to our ceremony.

    Regarding the officiant, you pay them directly, the house isn't getting a cut, so you don't have to tip, but ask for their contact info beforehand and if they do a great job, send a thank you card with a tip.  We tipped ours $50 because he went out of his way to come meet us during our rehearsal dinner the night before.

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    I loved our wedding coordinator at The Venetian.  As vegasgroom mentioned, they're paid a salary so I did not tip her extra.  I'm sure she wouldn't have turned down a cash tip but what I DID do, however, is write good reviews on the wedding sites, mentioning her by name, and I also sent letters/emails both to her direct supervisor and to the VP of banquets and catering at the hotel.  Both of them responded back to me and said they appreciated the feedback and that because of my recommendation, my coordinator was praised in front of her peers and also nominated for, and awarded a monthly recognition prize given out by the company for great customer service.  I thought that was pretty awesome of them and it made me feel good that I could be a part of it.  Too many times people complain about bad service and it is nice to be able to not only compliment someone for good service, but also see them recognized for it by their bosses.

    Certainly though, if you don't have a positive experience with your coordinator, you should absolutely not feel obligated in the least to give her anything in the form of a tip.
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  • Thanks for your replies. It is good to know my instincts weren't far off. If either of them winds up doing a knock-out job, then I may tip, but at present there is not much to what I'm coordinating with them, and the vast majority of work/question answering has been done by the two original coordinators.

    I'm definitely not someone to make a fuss or raise a flag for game, but the service provided by the one is just so poor. The sad thing is that she is at a director level - ridiculous.

  • I tipped our chapel coordinator, the DDB driver (mike), the photo booth people and I handed a tip to the good bartender specifically. Also I didn't really realize how many ones and fives I'd need for bellmans, valets and cabs.
  • I hadn't planned on tipping folks that we are paying for (i.e. our string trio) you're making me think I should! We do plan on bringing A LOT of 1s for folks to tip along the way!
  • Yes, I always make sure to have a bunch of $1s and $5s to tip doormen, bag check valets, the taxi stand staff, etc. Keep those pockets full of bills!

    It is trickier determining who to tip who is already getting paid for service/salaried, especially as our vendors are all through our venue's package and we did not direct hire anyone.

    The one coordinator who was recently assigned to us is still stinking up the place so I am still not planning to give her a gratuity. It's unsettling to feel that she is completely not on top of things when my event is a few weeks away and I am a few thousand miles away. I'm requesting the mooooost basic things (e.g. please send the menus I've been requesting for the last six weeks so I can decide what my guests might like to eat) and she is still failing to be responsive. No bueno!

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