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Color Scheme?

I'm just wondering how everyone chose their color scheme? I am so stuck!!! Is there any suggestions on a good place to view different examples?

Thank you!

Re: Color Scheme?

  • mikenbergermikenberger In a f'n cornfield member
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    I'm just wondering how everyone chose their color scheme? I am so stuck!!! Is there any suggestions on a good place to view different examples?

    Thank you!
    Pinterest is a great place to start if you want to drive yourself truly crazy. But there are roughly a million color schemes on that damn website.
  • We wanted a classic look, so we went with navy and ivory. We threw in a bright green as an accent color here and there to brighten things up. 

    Try and think about the look and feel you want for your wedding. I went to one in August where the bride said she was going for a very romantic feel. They had a lot of pinks and whites in soft textures and candle lighting. She really nailed it. Try and think of the look and feel you like the best and then work out from there.

  • Think about your venue, the time of the year, and the overall feel you're going for--glamorous, sexy, romantic, vintage, preppy/classic, etc. I felt like I could have picked about a thousand different color schemes and been happy with them. After committing to a date and a venue I could narrow it down some, but for all my choices I really just focused on what the overall feel I wanted was. I really wanted modern glamour. My color scheme was black/white/silver and jewel tones, in November, and the venue was a very minimalist modern/industrial art gallery space. 
  • Thank you for the advice!
    I really like the looks of the grey and aqua, or grey, aqua, and coral...not really sure what kind of a feel this would give though...and I'm not even sure what kind of a feel I want overall anyway! haha Can you tell I'm in the very early stages of planning?
    We did finally find and book a venue yesterday though!! Yay!
  • I used in the early stages of wedding planning to help visualize different color schemes/inspiration pictures. You can search by color swatch and it's not as overwhelming as Pinterest.

    I second @MandyMost in looking to your venue for inspiration. You don't have to match everything in it, but you don't want the colors you choose to be fighting with the venue's natural look.
  • We thought about the season we were getting married in and our favorite colors. My favorite color is green and we're getting married in spring so it works out. Just pick colors you and your FI like!
  • I put about 3 seconds of thought into it. It went something like this:

    "My favorite color is blue. Dark blue (between midnight and navy) is pretty. "

    That was it. Now I have blue shoes, bridesmaids will be in blue and table overlays will be the same shade as those two.

    That is all I have. And let me tell you I feel so dumb when all the venders as "What are your colors/theme etc?" And I just answer with "blue" then stare blank face at them till they move on.

    I am not a girly girl so the whole "vision" thing escapes me. I want it all to look nice/pretty but mostly I want everyone to have a great time.

    So you are not the only one confused, but do not let it stress you out. It will all turn out beautiful.

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  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    I asked FI what colors he likes, and he told me he wanted as much black as possible. I asked about an accent color, and he said red or purple.

    So then I looked on Pinterest and The Knot for examples of black weddings, black and red weddings, and black and purple weddings. When I did that, I fell in love with purple/grey weddings, but when I ran it by him, he said it didn't really fit our venue and was "too Easter-ish" for him.

    So, we went with red and black, with more emphasis on the black.

    Talk to your FI and ask what his favorite colors are. If he truly doesn't care, find some combinations you like and run them by him. Don't fall in love with a combination until you have your venue(s) nailed down, though. Sometimes colors clash. It's not a HUGE deal if they do, but I know that bothers a lot of brides.
  • AuroraRose41AuroraRose41 New York member
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    I second talking to your FI. Mine didn't have much input as long as everything wasn't hot pink and he had final say over what he and the groomsmen were wearing in terms of vest and tie colors. 

    I based mine on my favorite flowers, which are red roses. I knew I wanted a bouquet of red roses, so I kind of worked from there. The bridesmaids will be in dark red, but will be in chiffon dresses (of their choice) so that it is more summery, and will have neutral colored bouquets. I also didn't truly pick a color scheme as far as decor until we knew what the venue looked like and what season it would be in. Since it is a summer wedding, I will mostly have very neutral colors (gold, champagne, ivory) with minimal touches of red here and there (napkins, maybe uplighting during dinner, etc.). 
  • Our color scheme is Turquoise, Black and White.

  • We got married in June at an old plantation house. Outdoor ceremony surrounded by lots of natural flowers and a white gazebo. Our colors were roughly a sage green and a summery blue (not too pale, not too dark). Basically, DH and I both like greens and blues, so it was pretty easy to come up with. He vetoed my original idea of incorporating some purples into our day, so asking your FI is definitely important. The softer, lighter colors worked really well both for our time of year and our venue. Anything really modern (black and red, etc.) would have looked really out of place.
  • hellosweetie1015hellosweetie1015 Where the skies are so blue member
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    We knew we wanted blue. It's probably a silly reason to some people, but we really bonded over late nights spent watching Doctor Who, so we wanted to get close to TARDIS blue. Then we sat down and decided on colors to go with it. I think silver and white are our accents, and probably there will be a splash or two of pink for some contrast or whatever.

    We decided this six months ago. If our venue choice had clashed with it, they could have changed, but as it is it will be beautiful so I'm really happy.
  • I personally dislike bright or pastel-y colors because they seem juvenile (to me personally, just my opinion).  So I went shopping with my sister (MOH) for bridesmaids dresses to see what colors I DID like.  We found gorgeous navy and gold dresses for cheap, i bought all the girls dresses, and we went from there. 
  • Pinterest!  If you have no ideas, just start searching some wedding related keywords (mine were usually "Fall Wedding" "October Wedding" "Rustic Wedding") and see what catches your eye.

    For the longest time I was debating between navy/coral and plum/orange, but my fiance wanted a more "traditional" color choice.  Then I found this exact picture on pinterest and fell in love with it and he liked the colors too, and that's how we decided.  Good luck!
  • Dreamergirl8812Dreamergirl8812 your closet member
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    We were inspired by the stuffed animal the restaurant gave us right before he proposed. They knew he was going to propose after dinner but not at the restaurant - they still hooked us up with an AMAZING table and put the stuffed fish in our to go bag. I digress. The stuffed fish is light green and light blue. DH and I decided on those colors for our wedding when we were standing in the kitchen where the fish (Humuhumu) is on a shelf.
  • I had originally picked an antique purple and gold, after looking at our venue a little more and things we can't change about it I changed my mind.. FI loves blue so we are doing a navy and gold winter wedding with the boys in dark gray suits. We did a navy accent wall in our old master before moving, it was his favorite paint color we bought and it just worked with the venue and time of year so that's what we are going with. My ring is also yellow gold and I have always loved gold so that was an easy one to pick, silver just doesn't work for me.
  • We are aqua (little more green than blue), coral with brown accents...end of Sept wedding

  • Think about the time of year and venue.  My wedding is  in the summer on the water, so I decided on navy, white and small touches of gold.  It's a little nautical and preppy without being over the top.  
  • We didn't really have "colors".  My bridesmaids wore light pink dresses (of their own choosing), and we carried white and pink bouquets.  The groomsmen all wore their own grey suits, but that's where the colors ended.  Our reception was at our local zoo and acquarium.  Because the backdrop was so colorful already, we didn't worry about sticking to the pink and grey there.  I think it all depends on where your reception will be.  If we had been in a more traditional banquet type hall I guess we would've stuck more to a color theme.
  • I actually chose my colors based on a cake I found online that I absolutely fell in love with. Summer wedding, colors are blush pink, champagne/gold, and ivory. So that's my suggestion. Search, search, search until you find something (a cake, flower arrangement, anything really) and have a, "That's it. That's the absolute perfect thing" moment, and go from there. Like Knottie above, her "That's exactly it" moment came from that picture she posted.
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