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Lighting it ourselves: string lights question

Hi everyone,
I'm getting married at Minerals Hotel, in their outdoor pavillion. Our DJ is bringing some uplighting, but for the most part, we'd like to do a barn-type string lights decoration, specifically those cafe/market lights that everyone loooooves. We would do whatever is cheapest, but our ideal situation is to find someone to bring them and set them up for us. Rental places usually don't do anything that small, and it's not really something I would trust a friend to do. Has anyone had any experience with this, or know any lighting places that I could reach out to? Or even designers? Fortunately if worse comes to worse, we can just suck it up and buy them and try to hang them ourselves a few days before the wedding, hopefully not getting any splinters or anything along with it. Thanks for any ideas!

Re: Lighting it ourselves: string lights question

  • @Knottie7596769, I was thinking, did you decide on a florist as of yet?? Sometimes they work with a colleague who does that, or maybe ask the hotel and the DJ do they know of any vendors who can do it?  What is your budget?? 

  • Hi Pearl, yes we did! Unfortunately she has no idea. She mentioned that she had a rough time finding them for cheap for a party she threw for her husband. The DJ only does uplighting/dance floor, and the resort gave us the name of a lighting person but they only do it if you rent the tent from them as well! I feel like we're at a dead end and are just going to have to take a day off work two days beforehand to do it ourselves :(
  • Wow, yea I understand, are you hiring a florist??
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