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Has anyone recently used A W Flowers? I would love to see some of their work, can anyone post any pictures? I cant seem to find many pics of their work and would love feedback!

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  • I literally just hung up with Adam from AW Flowers. I am early in the flower-planning process, so just getting quotes. I sent a photo of a centerpiece I LOVE to 3 florists. Two of them told me I was looking at a $250-300 centerpiece. For 18 tables, that was $4500 for just centerpieces! Way out of budget. I just spoke with Adam. I had sent him about 10 pictures of ideas I had in mind and he said he could do the entire wedding for $3010. I don't know how he does it, but his quote came WAY under the others and it seems like the reviews are all consistent with my experience. I am probably going to give him a deposit soon and will let you know how it goes!
  • Wow! That's crazy! I called them today but someone inquired about my wedding date, so I am waiting until they hear back! So upset! It's crazy how much others are charging me
  • Hopefully he can do it. I am starting to second guess and wonder exactly why and how he is able to charge so much less than the competition, but his reviews are phenomenal. I would love to hear from others that have used them.
  • @amt6 I just heard back and unfortunately they are booked on my date! Ugh! Best of luck!
  • I booked with him and he's womderful. I even changed what I wanted for vases and he got a good deal on them so I didn't have to pay more. He does a great job at a great price and has steady business to show for it.
  • @mseminerio84‌ - when is your wedding? I would love to see pictures and hear how your day goes! Glad you're happy with Adam :)
  • April soon!!!
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