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Unity Sand

Anyone know where I can find legit Gold colored sand for a reasonable price? My fiancé and I are going to use gold sand as our base (suppose to represent family and friend support as well as our relationship up to that point) and then add white and black sand to represent each other and our joining. Can anyone recommend where they have found sand that might have a gold. I have not found anything locally and only one site and it had very pricey shipping for a small amount of sand.


Re: Unity Sand

  • We got our sand from Sandsational Sparkle (website is sandsationalsparkle dot com). They have free shipping on samples so you can order a few shades and pick the one you like the best. We used 1 lb of each color for our ceremony, but only had 2 colors, so you most likely would only need 1 bag of each. A 1 pound bag is $5.75 on that site plus shipping.

    One of our colors was silver and we thought it was really pretty, so I would think one of their gold shades would be what you were looking for.
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    That was the only site I had found gold sand on...and their shipping to us was more then what the sand cost :(


  • Sand is heavy. Shipping is going to cost more no matter where you get it from because shipping costs are determined by weight. If you can't find sand locally, you will have to order it online.

    Amazon has some gold sand from Sandsational that is Prime eligible for $8.75. There is only a few left. The only way to get around shipping costs is if you have Amazon Prime that will give you free shipping.
  • I understand sand has some weight to it, but what I don't understand is that the black and white sand I ordered from another site cost much less in shipping...they just didn't have gold. Thanks for the advice on Sandsational. I might just have to suck it up pay for their shipping


  • Agree with littlemushroom about the shipping cost. I used sand from hobby lobby, but I don't remember them having gold. If you're set on that color, you'll need to either pay the shipping fee or get creative with some sand and spray paint. (Just kidding about that last part. I highly doubt it would work well.)
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