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Custom Wedding Ring Maker?

birmi100birmi100 member
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Does anyone know someone who can make custom rings?  I have my heart set on a certain ring but it would have to be made.  On a tight budget.  Any help is appreciated.


Re: Custom Wedding Ring Maker?

  • "Custom" and "tight budget" do not often go together. Can you post a picture? The ladies here are very good at finding similar items for a lower price.
  • We thought about custom rings too but as we had a lower budget, we couldn't afford it. The last quote I was given was somewhere around $6k. We settled on typical wedding bands from Kay's.

    If you have a picture, someone here may be able to find something similar. Or you may be able to find someone who can make it on Etsy. We didn't go on there since our ring sizes are weird and something so expensive I always want to see in person first but I've known friends who've ordered their rings on Etsy before just fine.

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  • Most non-mall jewelers can customize what you want.  I went to one jeweler and found a ring I loved, but the people were jerks.  They were really pushy and something was off--when my FI wanted to see the paperwork on the diamonds, they didn't want to give it to him.  So we took the ring idea from there to a local jeweler held in high regard, and the jeweler made the ring identically to the jerk jewelers.  But yes, custom is expensive.  
  • Try some local mom & pop jewlery stores. Also see if you can find any local artisans through art shows that do jewelry. You may have to compromise on the type of metal you want. Like silver instead of white gold or plantinum to help keep it in more in budget.
  • I would get a few quotes.  My wedding ring was custom made to fit perfectly with my engagement ring.  It only cost a couple hundred dollars more then generic stuff in the store and it has a lot of detail and work.  My FI ring is being made because he needs the band to to thicker and seamless.  His will be $100 less then what we saw in the stores.  We were shocked at how cheap it was.  We live in NZ and that could be why though.
  • Most jewelers can make custom rings...not those chain places, but actual jewelers.  I had mine custom made and the price was in line with similar rings of this style, but the price will depend on the ring.  If you are looking at a style/quality of ring outside your budget, it will still be outside your budget.  

  • birmi100birmi100 member
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    This is the one I would like.image
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