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Cakes, Cupcakes, and Other Sweet Things

What's your inspiration for your sweet items for your wedding? 

What flavors make your mouth water? 

Anyone made a final decision yet?  If so, tell us about it.

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Re: Cakes, Cupcakes, and Other Sweet Things

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    I love simple romantic designs with buttercream icing with flower and swirl accents. Sample designs are below.

    For flavors I am drawn to vanilla, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, rum, chocolate, and combos of any of the flavors (i.e. vanilla rum, strawberry, lemon, etc.). 

    I have a baker but haven't decided on the actual cake yet (colors, accents, flavors, etc). 



    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • I am a HUGE sweets fan.  We already did our cake, I was set on a bakery that I LOVE to do our cake, so it was really no question after I got a good quote from him. We're doing 4  tiers, serving 3 flavors.  Our flavors are:

    1.  chocolate cake w chocolate ganache filling

    2.  vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and French pastry cream filling

    3.  carrot cake with cream cheese filling.


    All of the layers will be finished in vanilla buttercream.  The top tier, which is ours, is the chocolate cake/ganache filling.


    Our favors are cake in mason jars.  To fit in w our color scheme, we're doing 2 flavors of cake jars.  One w pumpkin cake and vanilla buttercream and the other red velvet w cream cheese frosting. 

    Our color scheme is chocolate brown w gold.  Hints of red/orange/yellow.  Very "Fall-ish."

    I know people say you never eat at your own wedding, but I will be so sad if I don't get a piece of carrot cake! I also hope there's a stray favor or 2, so we can eat cake jars after the reception LOL

  • @futuremrsjms - How cute is that?!  I love the idea of cake jars.  This is the first time I've heard of that as a favor.  

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • I'm really excited about the cake jars! FI deserves the credit, as he came across the idea when we were looking for edible favors.  I'll try to attach a pic of what they'll look like.  We'll have them tied w chocolate round ribbon, w a gold plastic sppon attached and a "Love is Sweet" sticker w our names and wedding date on it. 
  • The cake is the one thing that I still have to do! We are just doing a small cake to cut and I am ordering a grooms cake as a surprise. 

    We have a bunch of the stuff for the dessert bar ordered. 

    Love the idea of the cake jars. We having a friend make jam as a favor
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