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Military Brides

Am I considered a "Military Bride?"

Strange question, I know. But, FI is full-time ANG. I know a lot of active duty don't see Guard as on the same level.
Just wondering if I'm welcome here. It's hard to find good support as a milso.
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Re: Am I considered a "Military Bride?"

  • Whether or not AD Army sees the Guard as the same is irrelevant. The civilian wives/girlfriends/fiancées or male versions of same have no place making you feel excluded. I'm in the Guard, married to an AD Marine, and have done all my training federally.

    The word milso frightens me (I've seen the hashtags), but you are of course welcome here. We're not terribly active but there are several of us who hang around IOT answer questions.
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  • kmmssgkmmssg
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    You sure are! I retired from The Army National Guard after 26 years of full time Federal service. You said ANG so Air Guard? I got my start there probably long before you were born!
  • I vote you're the same as all the others. Welcome :)
  • Thank you. Yes, he's Air Guard.

    I'm not a fan of "milso" either. I didn't even know what it was until he was deployed. Then, I saw it online and he said one of his Sgts referred to me as such. Oh well. I won't be a milso next year. :)
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  • I would consider you one!  

  • Absolutely you are welcome here! Thank you both for your service and sacrifices. Good luck with your wedding!
  • I don't like the term 'milso' either.
    Of course, you're welcome to the family :)
  • sinaxissinaxis
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  • Kind of piggy backing here but what is the issue with "milso?" I'd just like to understand where you're coming from.
  • Kind of piggy backing here but what is the issue with "milso?" I'd just like to understand where you're coming from.

    It's just silly to me. Another way to hitch your identity to your service member rather than have your own. My husband is a military spouse, but he doesn't define himself that way. He defines himself by his own job. And the hashtags always make me want to roll my eyes. 
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