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Babysitter for Destination Wedding?

Hi everyone, we are planning our wedding for October, 2016 somewhere in Florida and during discussions we're trying to determine what to do with his  daughter (she'll be 5 when we get married) during our wedding weekend. Due to reasons I won't get into, we don't feel comfortable asking his dad and stepmom to kind of keep an eye on her while we're busy with last minute details and neither of our real moms are coming to the wedding so we're trying to figure out how to arrange things for her. In theory everything will be arranged so there shouldn't be too many things that we need to take care of, but I'm sure at 5 years old she'd much rather be at the beach having fun.

We've talked about maybe paying for another family member's airfare and lodging for them to stay with her the entire weekend and perhaps put them together in a separate hotel room. This option would be a big stretch for us financially (paying for a 4 person's airfare, food, hotel, etc.). 

Looking to find out what other people have done in these types of situations, any advice would be greatly appreciated!! 

Re: Babysitter for Destination Wedding?

  • If you are able to save for it, I think the idea you have could be great, depending on who the family member is.  But I honestly don't think I have anyone who I would be comfortable enough asking to do that who isn't someone I would want as a regular guest at the wedding.  Maybe if you have a younger cousin who might be going with their parents, that could be perfect.  Otherwise, I don't think I would feel great about asking someone to come and be at the beck and call of a five-year-old the whole weekend while everyone else is enjoying themselves.  

    If it were me, I would probably find a nanny/babysitter on care.com who is local there and arrange to have them there for certain hours.  I would still plan on SD sharing a room with you guys and wouldn't ask anyone to take her overnight, but that could helpful to ensure she gets some fun time while you guys are doing last-minute plans.  
  • Thanks for the input, my fiance isn't okay with having a stranger (even if background checked) stay with her. I think we were thinking that maybe it could be someone that would be invited to the wedding but maybe couldn't afford to come, but then how would we justify that we're only willing to foot the bill if they babysit.

    Guess we'll just have to try and bring her with us to any planning events etc. before the wedding and figure out the rest as we go. 
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