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Advice on approaching a restaurant about catering?


I'm sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I tried to find something but couldn't.

Does anyone have any advice on approaching restaurants about catering?  I'm only thinking about asking the ones that say "We do catering" or something along those lines on their menus.  There was one restaurant that had that on their menu and when I asked the waitress about it she had no idea what I was talking about.

Thank you!! 

Re: Advice on approaching a restaurant about catering?

  • Call the restaurant during a non-peek time and ask to speak to a manager. Depending on the restaurant, the average server probably won't know much about catering options, but a manager should definitely either a) be able to answer your questions or b) put you in touch with the correct person.
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    Like PP you need to speak with a manager.  Servers really won't know much about the catering being offered unless they actually work catering gigs.

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