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NJ venues Spring 2016 suggestions

Hi Knotties! I'm newly engaged and diving head first into the venue scouting process. My FI and I are looking for a venue to accommodate us on a Saturday night, preferably April/May 2016 (although flexible based on pricing). We are okay with spending around $150 - $175pp all incl but having an issue finding a venue that requires less than 150 minimum headcount since we would prefer to guarantee around 130. We would love someplace in Monmouth County but have been looking statewide as well. Any suggestions are absolutely welcome! Thank you!!

Re: NJ venues Spring 2016 suggestions

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    What are some places you have already looked at so we don't recommend the same ones.

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  • Check out The Sterling Ballroom in Tinton Falls. We just booked that venue for our wedding in June 2016 we were able to get our guarantee of ppl dropped to 125 for a Sat! Woohoo. Never hurts to ask :-)
  • Thanks ladies!!
    Clark's Landing in Pt Pleasant, Addison Park, Crystal Springs, il Tulipano, and Trump International Philadelphia all require at least 150 min. I have my heart set on Clark's Landing or Addison Park - especially given the central location to my church - so I may need to negotiate which will be tough for a peak season Saturday. 

    Shadowbrook's Regency Room will accommodate (it's only 75 min for that room), but I have yet to visit and I'm reading it's not up-to-par (I've been to a wedding there years ago but in the larger room which I remember as dark and depressing). Also looking at Eagle Ridge Golf Club, Westmount CC (I'm sure they will laugh at my minimum request), Crystal Plaza, and Southgate Manor. 

    @TaTrToT45 -  I live in Tinton Falls and that ballroom is beautiful! I didn't realize places would work with lowering their minimums during peak season - that gives me hope!! Thank you :-)

  • I looked at Shadowbrook and agree with that sentiment. The property is beautiful but I didn't care for the rooms. 

    I had asked Westmount CC for their smaller room (Continental) minimums in the spring and I think they were 175 or 200. 

    I would also recommend English Manor. Slightly different vibe from the venues you mentioned but really beautiful in the spring. Oyster Point or Molly Pitcher may also have rooms for that size
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    I attended a wedding at Shadowbrook and hated it. The reception was held in the Oak Room, which was "L" shaped with the dance floor where the two sides of the "L" meet. Basically, you can't see anybody seated on the other half of the room and have to walk through the middle of the dance floor (the set up tables in the very narrow area in that corner that isn't dance floor) if you wanted to talk to anyone seated there. Just... stupid. Way to segregate your guests - the side that gets to see the B&G and the side that doesn't!

  • Great, thanks @ctr24!! I'm going to look into those three :-)
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    What about Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank?

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  • @jerseykisses I was really surprised too but Victoria was a pleasure to work with and got approval from the higher ups. I guess since we went with the Platinum package it's still worth it to them to book. It's not like their not making a good amount of money of my fiancé and I lol :-)
  • @Cookie Pusher - yes, that was the room where I attended a wedding and hated it as well for those reasons - terrible!! The room downstairs is supposed to be more of a "pretty" room (for lack of a better word) and it accommodates a lower headcount.. but now I'm not going to even bother looking based on some other knotties' comments about that room as well. @ohmrs2014 - have you been to the Molly Pitcher? My FI and I are not a fan of the pictures online.. my parents' friends got married there over 30 years ago and of course loved it then, but I'm concerned it hasn't been updated since. Any input you have would be awesome :-) @TaTrTot45 - that's awesome!! Maybe that will be my way of negotiating then.. I'll suggest I go with the higher packages but with a lower headcount. Thank you!!
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    I've never been to the Molly Pitcher Inn, but every time I drive past it when I'm in Red Bank, it always looks crowded as if there is a party there.

    Here are a few more I found, though I've never been to these places.

    South Gate Manor in Freehold

    Waterview Pavilion in Belmar

    The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park

    The English Manor in Ocean

    The Breakers on Ocean in Spring Lake


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  • So I visited The English Manor this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved it! (Thank you for that recommendation, Knotties!!!) They are doing some renovating to the interior which I'm excited about as well, not to mention I realized we can afford to do a fabulous package on a Saturday evening in May/June and not even worry about meeting the 150 minimum since we'll still be in budget (and they agreed to review potential upgrades if we don't meet the minimum). But then I visited Clark's Landing in Pt Pleasant directly after and now it's making me think because I was in awe of the whole venue - really, really gorgeous (and I believe both venues are owned by same family) ...

    BUT Clark's Landing is charging a ridiculous $280pp (inclusive) for a Saturday evening during peak season. I knew it would be a hefty cost, but honestly wasn't prepared to hear that dollar amount, especially since things like uplighting or linen colors aren't included in that price. So pretty much for me to guarantee 150 people, it would cost a minimum of $42k. Totally out of budget since there's no way I can have that in cash by next spring. Yet, it will be a bit over budget but do-able if I did a Saturday night in January or February. The thought of that irks me - I've never been a fan of winter weddings, especially on the water - but I'm so in love with the ballroom that I'm now contemplating it. FH was working and unable to go with me to visit, but isn't even entertaining the idea and thinks we're better off sticking with a venue in the Spring/Summer. 

    Still going to look at a few more spaces in the next few weeks, but what are some thoughts on this?
  • You'll save money in the winter but if it's not ur ideal seaon then I wouldn't do it. You might regret it later. I like the Spring/Summer you also don't run into a SNOW storm hitting at this time. Yes other things can occur like hurricanes but I'd rather drive in rain and wind then snow and wind lol. Do what makes both you and ur fiancé happy :-)
  • Have you tried the Molly Pitcher's sister hotel, The Oyster Point? Its' decor is much more modern than the Molly Pitcher and it has an amazing view of the Navesink River. Bill, the senior catering manager, is also great to work with. It's definitely worth checking out. Good luck with your search! :)
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  • I'm getting married at Nanina's in the Park - which has very similar prices as Clark's landning (btw - it's in north NJ but has beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring).

    I was dead set on the fall of 2016 which made things a bit harder but I finally settled on a Friday in Oct. (even though a Fri in Nov was cheaper, and they had some other good prices going on for Halloween, Thaknsgiving, etc). This saved me about 18K (WOW) than a Sat in Oct.

    Honestly, I'm so happy we're going with Friday, because the added bonus is that we get the whole place to ourselves ALL DAY (instead of having a Saturday afternoon wedding before us) so I can totally use the Bridal Suite to get ready!

    Nothing compared to Nanina's and I knew I wouldn't be happy if I went with another venue - the 2nd runner up was Valley Regency, though beautiful as well it just didn't have the same feeling.

    Anyways, my advice to you is go back to Clark's and tell them what your budget is and be open to dates such as Friday - sooo many people are now doing Friday and even Thursdays! People will still come I promise :)

    Good luck!

  • Thank you, thank you for all of your perspectives!! Definitely helps my decision making on this :-)
  • My venue was right in your area Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune.  Definitely under your price range, my guarantee for a Saturday night was 100 people.  They offered so much and the food was absolutely amazing.  No complaints at all I loved it there!


  • @jerseykisses‌ hi I am also very interested in the English Manor for a Sat night next spring. Would you mind sharing the price per head they quoted you? I live in Staten Island and would hate to drive there for it to be out of our budget. Thanks. Happy Planning!
  • The Sterling Ballroom has a special right now if you book on your first visit, they give you 15% off their price.  Last month it was 16% so maybe it's some early year special.  Their menu looked incredible.  It was just too far for FI and I.  Even without the sale their cost is still in your budget.

    I just recommended this to another bride... but see if the venue would allow you to book a lower minimum but make up for the cost in extras.  I've heard of many brides doing this because it allows the venue to make their target and guarantee a booking while you get a little more.  For example- martini bars and the viennesse are always an extra cost.  If you can add in a couple of extras and financially still meet their spending target for lack of a better term, you both come out winners. 
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