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I am bored...

I am super bored...

What are you all up to this weekend?

Re: I am bored...

  • We just had dinner with my mom and now I'm watching say yes to the dress. We've got a pretty busy weekend, tomorrow we are going to the jewelry district to check out a wedding band for me then we are going out to dinner with FIs mom and step dad. On Sunday we are getting up bright and early because its FIs graduation! What are your plans for the weekend?
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  • We are looking at a house for rent today. We are sick of living in the condo that we live in. I want a backyard and a garage and this one has both and is only 100 more than what we pay now. I just hope it's not a dump.

    Then we are heading up to my FI's parents house. They live an hour away so when we go up there we usually spend the night, which is what we are doing tonight. There is a wine and jazz festival in their town this weekend so we'll be going to that tonight and again tomorrow.

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  • Man you guys have cool weekends!  I will probably still be here unpacking.  We are only 3/4 done.  We just have such a smaller apt then we came from that we just don't know where to put everything! Thats really it.  I would like to work on some wedding stuff but idk what. We did a lot before we left MN. 

    Ps. I love Say Yes to the Dress!  We don't have cable anymore. I wonder if I can watch it online???

    Hope you all had wonderful times with your families!!  GL with the rings and the house hunting and Congrats on the graduation of your FI! VERY big accomplishment!
  • Today is the first day of FI's vacation. YAY! He has been working so much it's like I hardly see him. Of course the first day he is off the weather is gross and rainy. That's Seattle for ya. We rented a few movies and will prob take it easy tonight. Tomorrow we have family coming into town FFIL and FBIL. My mom will be here next Sat so I have a busy week ahead of me.
  • Hippo, i am right there with you. I was so bored this weekend! i mean i did stuff, but it was so sporatic that it seemed like i did nothing. :) I am feeling so lethargic lately! :)

    I haven't watched Say Yes...but i understand the shop they featured in the first season was here in Dallas. :) Maybe i shoudl catch it...what station is it on?
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  • I know I did stuff this weekend, but I totally feel unaccomplished!  We only have 2 more boxes left to unpack!!  YAY

    Its on TLC. I like anything related to weddings.  There are a few other I like to watch like platium wedding. (although this makes me want to scream at these people for spending too much on their weddings.)  I also like to watch Rich bride, Poor bride.  I don't care for bridezilla.

    People say after you get married, you won't want to watch another wedding show ever again.  I don't think I could do that.  I just love weddings all together.  I love love as corney as that it. ;)
  • I used to watch rich bride, poor bride but it started to get on my nerves lol because someone was usually pretty demanding on what they wanted and I just couldn't take it! I LOVE say yes to the dress and amazing wedding cakes. Ohhh can't forget David Tutera, I keep hoping that he'll show up at my door 3wks before my wedding but I know that wont happen.

    I got to add an extra activity to my weekend! Friday night about 1am I woke up to 5 bug bites of some sort on my leg. I immediately took an allergy pill because I know bug bites tend to flair up on my really quick. By Sunday morning one of the bites was about 5 inches wide and infected. I currently have no insurance (it starts June 1) and had to pay out of pocket for a clinic visit to get antibiotics. I could have thought of other things I'd rather spend $100 bucks on! But at least its not as angry looking after only 3 doses of antibiotics.
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  • oh booo!!!!  I am glad that you are ok tho!

    Feel better!
  • Whoo! Sasy!! That stinks!

    I have been watching My Fair Wedding and Bridezillas off and on during the planning process. I hope the latter will keep me balanced during the stressful times, since i really hate the way those girls act. :)
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