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2 Words...Portable Toilets!

Sooo, it's not the cleanest subject involved with wedding planning...but it's necessary with an outdoor/backyard celebration! We're having approximately 150 people. The event will be close enough to the house where there are bathrooms, and we will pump the septic tank beforehand, but for the most part we'd like people to stay outside where the tent/party is.

One of the porta potty rental guys suggested a 4 unit portable trailer that may or may not require a hose nearby and a certain amount of electricity (which we can provide). The pictures of what it looks like inside are really nice (not sure the media center with flatscreen TV's are necessary though). When I asked to compare costs of an individual unit...he said we'd need 6 units! My mom half jokingly suggests 2...one for the men and one for the women. And obviously we'd need a place to wash hands and primp for the ladies.

Any feedback or personal experiences on this topic? How far in advance do you book them? I agree that the presentation being important for our big day, but at the same time I'd like to keep in mind the costs and what is reasonable. Thanks!

Re: 2 Words...Portable Toilets!

  • For 150 people a 2 stall toilet trailer was more than enough for us.  And the house was completely locked down so there were no other options.  I don't recall there being any line-ups either.
  • That's great to hear. I just wrote the rental guy back to see if they carry those. Thanks!
  • We did a portable restroom trailer with 4 rooms for our 90 guests. Are you looking at an actual sanitation company or a rental company? I would definitely recommend looking at companies that specialize in waste management as they tend to be cheaper. For example, the two local rental companies in my area quoted me between 1200-2200 for the same trailor that we ended up with for $600.
  • We are planning an outdoor wedding for about 75 people. The trailor with one for the guys and one for the girls will be plenty big enough. I was quoted about 700 for that and they bring it a day or two before and pick it up the day after. My future mother in law doesnt want people walking in and out of the house so that is a cost we have no choise but to get
  • I can't say how many, but I went to a wedding where the portable toilets did not have lighting... that was little awkward after 8 pm in a nice dress. 
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  • Wow, that's a little scary to hear! I always knew we'd need to light the area, but never imagined the inside being dark. Thanks for the head up...another good question to ask.
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