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Welcome Bags-Thoughts Needed

Hello ladies-

So the majority of our guests are going to be from out of town.  Right now we are at 140 people and I figure about 115-125 will actually come.  And I figure around 100 of those will be from out of town.  With that said, that is A LOT of welcome bags to make and could add up in price.  So I wanted to get some thoughts and maybe possible ideas for those bags.  I plan on doing them myself and want them to be great but not break the bank.  I also want the bags to reflect Cleveland.  Here is a list of items I plan on having in the bag but thinking I may need to cut back as its already adding up:

bottles of water
malley's chocolate bar
tourist brochures
cleveland indians memorabilla (since it will be baseball season)
Bartman's Ballpark Mustard (currently looking for smaller bottles)

I wanted to include a bottle of Great Lakes Beer esp their Christmas Ale but given the time of the year our wedding is I know that won't be possible. So any thoughts or ideas any of you may have is greatly appreciated.  Or where I can go to get more possible "free" items.


Re: Welcome Bags-Thoughts Needed

  • Try including stuff from the Rock & Roll HOF. I definitely approve of the GL beers :) 

    Can't forget those Brownies, too!
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    Maybe something from Peterson Nuts ?
    When are you getting married - GL does have the Christmas Ale release for Christmas in July.

  • Peterson Nuts?  We are getting married August 1st, 2015
  • I love the idea of having Cleveland goodies, but not everything has to be part of that theme. A pocket pack of tissues, snacks, or small candy could fill out what you already have. I would also include a map of your events and written out directions from hotel to church, hotel to reception, etc - my out of town guests appreciated those!
  • Maybe some popcorn from Campbell's popcorn?  Great Lakes also has other wonderful beer selections that you coul include.


    I also agree with the above post that you don't have to have everything Cleveland themed! But maybe including some brochures about the area would be a cute (and free!) thing to add.

  • As a guest I love the idea of water, something sweet, something salty and brochures/maps of things to do near the hotel or near the wedding/reception venue. Try contacting the vistor's office, they can probably provide you with nice maps of the area for free or a very low cost to include in your bag since you need so many. Depending on where the hotel is also consider contacting the Cleveland Metroparks for any brochures or maps they might have available for parks near the hotel. Great for any runners/walkers or nature lovers that might be attending. The other thing that might be nice as a guest, some pocket size tissue or even some tyenol, if you look online you can probably find those little packets they sell at gas stations where there are two pills in a container. I like the idea of the mustard but unless you can find it in a container that is less then 3 oz I would skip it because there is a good chance many of your guests will be traveling with just a carry one if they are flying and if it's larger then 3 oz, they will probably leave that behind at the hotel since it won't past the tsa regulations, and that would be a waste. I like the idea of the Peterson Nuts (located in downtown near Progressive Field) or the popcorn from Campbell's (located near the west side market).
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    As far as the little packs of Aleve/Advil/OTC pain killer of choice - you can buy them at Staples or from Amazon.  I did a DW and did welcome packs for my guests (we were all from Cleveland area) - here's what I included in mine:
    Pocket Kleenex
    Shout Wipes
    Emergency Rain Ponchos
    Collapsible/refillable water bottles
    Wedding day itinerary - area maps - park maps
    Hand Sanitizer
    All in a mesh drawstring bag


    [Deleted User]
  • Great ideas ladies!  I love them all!
  • @ahopper12, I love welcome bags when we stay at hotels for weddings! In my opinion, the best things you can give are:
    gum/mints (they make mini 6 piece orbit packs)
    snack to munch on when you get back to the room (mini goldfish pack, granola bar- think Costco!), advil

  • If you wouldn't be opposed to doing some DIY as well, you could get some people together ahead of time and make homemade buckeyes and put them in little boxes if you wanted another Ohio item :)
  • I actually thought of doing that...great minds think alike :)  Not sure if or when I would have time during the week leading up to the wedding to do that.  
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its First Anniversary First Answer
    This is probably more of a wedding favor - but these are from Jack Frost Donuts in Brooklyn/Old Brooklyn area:

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