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To solder or not to solder?

Hello, I was wondering what other women feel about getting their engagement rings soldered to the wedding band after the wedding. I have been reading mixed opinions in other forums about this. I have a Tacori petite crescent ring with a matching band, the sides have the signature engraving and some tiny diamonds set in it as well which I don't really want to lose. At the same time I run a lot and get sweaty and at work I have to constantly wash my hands due to patient care, so the rings will be moving or rotating constantly too. I do plan to wear both all the time as they are thin and lightweight.

Have any others got Tacori rings soldered ? Or suggestions/drawbacks in general? I haven't asked my local jeweler yet.

Re: To solder or not to solder?

  • It's honestly just personal preference. I personally enjoy the ability to just wearing the wedding band without worrying about what my e-ring setting is doing when doing physical activity (I still knock it on stuff all the time and I've been wearing it for almost 3 years). So no soldering for me.
  • I wouldnt. If you ever want to change it up and stack, or just wear the band alone you wont be able to. Tacoris are a premium price partly BECAUSE of the side details. You wont be able to admire the sides!
  • I'm not getting mine soldered. If my fingers ever swell (like in extreme humidity, or like I expect they will later in pregnancy) it's more comfortable to be able to take the E ring off and just wear the band. They move around a little bit but it doesn't bother me. As long as both rings are the same metal, they shouldn't damage each other by sliding.

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    I don't have my soldered and never considered it. I like having the option of just wearing my band (in fact, that's what I did during most of our honeymoon in Mexico, since I didn't feel comfortable wearing my big honking diamond around).

    I also tend to wear just my band when I work out or go running. It's just more comfortable since my fingers usually swell or sweat.
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