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Timing for a Solo

We've asked my cousin to sing during our wedding but I'm not sure when to have her sing.  I was thinking during the unity ceremony but we're probably doing a sand ceremony so it won't be long.  Suggestions for when to have a song sung?

Re: Timing for a Solo

  • If the sand ceremony is quick, either have your cousin sing a "shorter version" of the song (kind of like when they play music but fade it out when the unity ceremony is finished) or if you want her sing a full song either have her do something in the processional or you can have her sing while guests are arriving, being seated.

    If that does not work, she can sing during the reception but I would make it a song that people can dance too so its not just a performance people have to sit through.

  • We did ours during our unity candle, those aren't long either. The Best Man sang Ava Maria and it was beautiful. When we were done lighting the candle, we just went back to our place & stood there until he was done.
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