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Wedding Candy Bar Question

My fiance and I are doing a candy bar as a favor at our wedding, I was thinking about setting up the bags on the table where the place cards would normally go and on the tags I would put the guest name and number (instead of place cards).  I would also put extra bags on the table with the candy but I thought it would be a cute and easy way to save money.  In addition to the candy bar, we're also having a photobooth so people can have the prints as favors too!  What do you all think?

Re: Wedding Candy Bar Question

  • Depends on the type of bag.  If it's something sturdy enough to be easy to stand up and see (not blow over like a flimsy plastic bag), could work.  Or you'll have to lay it flat and smooth.

    I think you might be confused about place card and escort card though.  Place card is already at the table, so you don't need a number on it.

    Escort card sends you to the right table, so it has a number on it.

    I like it better as place card than using it as escort card.  I like simple escort cards that are fast and easy to read so there's not back up at the table where they're displayed.  I know everyone likes to be pinterest-y cute, but think of efficiency first.  If the tags are small or the bags are flimsy and it's a struggle, it could create more hassle for guests as escort card.  

    Consider take out boxes?  They'd stand up easier.
  • I think the photo-booth idea is fine right there. Personally I'm not a fan of the candy bar idea, my reason for this is because you can only have so many people going at it at one time. I've been to a wedding where they had a "popcorn" bar and it was kind of shoved off into the corner, and it seemed forgotten about, and there was a lot of popcorn left at the end of the night. So if you DO have one, make sure it's in a spot making it worthwhile.

    Otherwise I would suggest pre-packaging all the candy, tag that with their names as a place card. Have a separate escort card or just a seating chart. Then everyone will get candy, an assortment of all. I think it will be a bit more cost effective too, you won't end up buying a bunch of bags you end up throwing away, or having left over candy go stale and have nothing to do with it ...unless you're a sugar addict then it'll be your second best day ever ;)
  • I would consider having it pre-bagged on a table on the way out but spend a little extra on the bags
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    I think it will cause bottleneck bc people would assume they are supposed to fill the bag right then and there. If you want to use them for escort cards, I would refill them.

    I had a candy bar and Photo Booth, both were big hits. I had cookies with names and table numbers printed on tables and stuck to the cookie wrapper for the escort cards. We like to eat, a lot.
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  • I love the ideas that you have and I am sure it will come out great. I am also planning on having a candy bar. The table will be apart of the décor of the wedding and the candy will incorporate the colors of the wedding. I found this to be a cheaper route then finding favors for all the guest that they probably will not keep anyways.
  • I think it'll cause a bottleneck too- people will fill them right then.  It's a cute idea but I'd pre fill them and have extras at the candy bar if you want to make them the escort cards.

    Personally I'd spend the 10 bucks and an hour printing out escort cards (you can get blank ones at Staples or OfficeMax type stores) rather than pre fill bags, but if the idea is purely about saving money I'd scrap the candy bar altogether, photobooth prints are already a nice favor.  If it's about having cute escort cards then I'd put in the effort to pre fill the bags.
  • We had a candy bar- big hit, but it was on its own, available throughout the reception.

    I agree about maybe not such a good idea for the escort cards. Why not just have cards out on a table? (We printed ours at Staples) Or if you don't want to print cards, a big sign with table numbers and names? 
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