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Sunday Morning Wedding, Hair, HELP!

So I am getting married on a Sunday morning. I had hair lined up (or so I thought) and now, less then 2 months out i'm high and dry.

Has anyone else had to deal with doing hair for the wedding party for a morning wedding? I'm frantic at this point, no one seems to want my money to do this. I dont know how to do hair myself, and none of my girls are all that girly, so doing it ourselves is not really an option. I debated making an appointment for myself as late as possible somewhere the night before and just not sleeping, as I'm sure I will be to stressed over the rest to sleep anyway.

If anyone has had a similar situation I would greatly appreciate your wisdom!

Re: Sunday Morning Wedding, Hair, HELP!

  • No.  Definitely sleep.  Or at least try to.  That sounds like a problem just waiting to happen.  All you need is to pass out in the middle of your ceremony because you're so exhausted.  

    Go to a beauty school.  I'm sure you can find a student who will take a few extra bucks to wake up early one day to do your hair.
  • That was my first go to, makes me a little nervous to go again. I feel like not having a contract is biting me in the butt cause they are just ignoring me compeltely now. I was supposed to have a dry run of the styles done this last 2 weeks, and nothing. Me and the girls ar hanging. So stressed...
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    Take a deep breath.  I second trying to contact a beauty school again.  There are also salons that are open on Sundays, so try calling those as well.  Once you do find someone, definitely have a contract with them. 

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    The ceremony is at 10 is the isue I'm running into.
  • The ceremony is at 10 is the isue I'm running into.
    Can you just wear your hair the way you normally do on a daily basis?  Or go in to a salon and have someone teach you how to do your hair in a special way.  Or, better yet, have them teach your mom or sister or BFF how to do your hair in an easy but slightly dressy style.  I would not want to be waking up at 4am on my wedding day to get to a salon to get my hair done at 6am.  I'd wear a hat before I did that.
  • HAHA, love the hat idea actually, I usually wear a pony tail, i cant do anthing with my hair in a pony tail, i man i dont even know how to use a blow dryer... Feeling a bit hopeless. My BFF is like me, no hair abilities, and in my ewedding party, and mom... well she has REALLY short hair. I did contact a come to you hair company, hopeing they dont want my first born as payment!
  • I am doing my engagement photos at 10AM and I am going to a local salon for hair/makeup that day, (730 AM and 830 AM apptointments) you just have to find one that is willing to do it. 

    Do you have a go-to hairdresser that normally does your hair for you?? They are more likely to be willing to come in earlier for you and can do makeup for you/pull someone from their salon to help. 
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  • No i dont, and my venue is 45 min away and requires me to be ther at 7:30 for the set up process. Thats why I'm trying to fine a way to get someone there. I am very much a tom boy, and dont really have any girly girls in my life. I'm getting a bit worried I'll end up walking down the aisle in a pony tail.
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    If you'd like to wear loose waves or something like that, there are a few ways you can set them up the night before and take it out in the morning. The easiest method is to simply braid (or even just twist) your hair while it's a bit damp and sleep on it - take it out in the morning. Then you can fiddle with it a bit, add a headband, tiara, veil, flowers, or what have you (those things can hide a multitude of sins).

    There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that can show you ways of doing this; here's one:

    Searching for "heatless waves", "no heat waves", "overnight waves" yields results. The good thing about these is you can practice them as much you'd like beforehand to see if they work for you.

    I suck at hair, too, so I do understand. But my hair will hold a nice wave if I can just get it to that point, lol. I also got married in the morning and my sister-in-law's friend did my hair.

    Also, if you're not actually opposed to a ponytail, you can get some really nice results by putting your hair in a pony as usual (maybe tease the crown to get some added volume) and then just styling the pony. Like you can literally just take a curling iron to the tail, and it's a lot easier than trying to do your whole head as usual, lifting up layers and whatnot. Or you could do half-up, half-down; here's one simple tutorial:

    She uses a curling iron for this one, but even if you bought a basic iron it could still be cheaper than using a salon, even if you think you may never use it again.

    Good luck!
  • I usually wear my hair in a ponytail too, or a messy bun like today.  Salons actually make me a little uncomfortable, so I'd probably just put my hair in a low ponytail, wear my signature dangly earrings, and just be okay with looking like myself on my wedding day.  I would definitely not be stressing myself out about finding a stylist.  Keep looking and if you find one, awesome!  But you'll be so glowing on your wedding day that I doubt anyone will notice your hair.
  • Not a total fan of me in a pony tail, I have kind of a fat face, even if it is my go to, seems none of my go tos are flattering. I do want to thank you for the wave links though! they seem doable. I'm going simple anyway, only a barette in my hair. It was my great great aunts and means a lot to me and i think i can tie it in with them!
  • Would you consider placing some sort of ad and paying the hairdresser come to you? Plenty of hairdressers exclusively work out of their homes anyway. Ask around. You'll find someone!
  • bradyhart2015--are you having your makeup done? My wedding is at 10AM on a Sunday also...when I found my make up person she has a person who does hair that she give me the number for. 

    Good Luck

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  • Buy a straigthener from tjmaxx/marshalls/target use it morning of (have mom/friends do the back if you are nervous) make a side part and put a sparkly pin on the side. Seriously, straightener is the only easy way to look "done!" And it's super easy.
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    A simple, pretty hair style isn't too hard to do, even if you don't have much experience. It just takes practice to find what you like. Get yourself a curling wand and practice with it. There are tons of great tutorials on pinterest. It will all work out!
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  • Put out a request on the website Thumbtack to find an independent stylist who will come out to your venue. Don't stress! You need sleep the night before. Just go to (I swear I don't work for them, I just found it so easy to get all of my vendors in my pricerange by putting bids up on there! lol)
  • anniecm said:
    Put out a request on the website Thumbtack to find an independent stylist who will come out to your venue. Don't stress! You need sleep the night before. Just go to (I swear I don't work for them, I just found it so easy to get all of my vendors in my pricerange by putting bids up on there! lol)
    Agreed, thumbtack is great. I found our personal trainer there and we LOVE her!

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  • Try your local board and ask around for word of mouth advice.  Try your Facebook.  A local friend could know someone.  Just be sure to do a trial with the person so yo know you like him/her.

    Where is your wedding? 
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