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Hi all!

Has anyone planned a destination wedding in a really remote location? When I say really remote I'm talking about somewhere that is a 15+ hour flight and then 3 hour drive.  My family has a ranch/house in Argentina and it is a very special location to both of us.  I have always wanted to get married there, but I don't know if the effort of planning a wedding in the middle of nowhere and in another language will be worth it.  I speak some Spanish but I am not fluent, although the rest of my family is. I'm also worried that we will get substantially less than 50% of our american guests because it is so remote.  I know that guest percentage is a function of how well off your friends are so it changes wildly from couple to couple.  Many of our friends have been asking when we're going to get married for years because they say they want to go to Argentina, but I feel like once it comes down to it most of that will just be talk.  I was just wondering if anyone else has planned a similarly remote wedding, i.e., somewhere multiple hours from a major international airport, and how it went: guest percentage, if they hired a local planner, etc.  I know this is not the most common type of destination wedding discussed on this board, so I don't expect to get a lot of feedback, but anything would be great! 


Re: Remote destination weddings - Argentina

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    I was married on a remote island in Australia. 14 hour flight to Australia, domestic flight to a town, helicopter transfer to one island, and then boat transfer to the final destination. However, we did not invite anyone.

    I used the planner who worked for the resort and did everything over e-mail. I do recommend having a planner to assist, especially if there is a language barrier.

    If you both feel very strongly about this and all of your VIP guests are on board, then I say go for it. Invite whom you'd like, but expect declines. Just tell people that this is something you've always wanted to do and you hope that they could join you.


  • We re planning our in Cameroon which is in Africa. Our parents still live there and we want a fully traditional celebration. I'm very excited to expos our friends to that side of our lives.
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