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Jewish/Catholic Wedding in Michigan

Hi everyone. I am getting married this fall, I am catholic and my fiancee is jewish. We are on the hunt for a priest and a cantor/rabbi who would be willing to co-officiate our wedding.  We are not getting married inside the church, and are working through my local parish (we are both from Chicago) on the dispensation form. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, is anyone willing to share an outline of what they did to incorporate both traditions into the ceremony? 


Re: Jewish/Catholic Wedding in Michigan

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    I can't see any rabbi agreeing to perform an interfaith ceremony in a Catholic church, sorry.

    I also can't see any priest agreeing to any other clergy performing an interfaith ceremony in a Catholic church or agreeing to perform one either.

    I have attended a Jewish/Catholic interfaith ceremony, but it was outdoors, not in a church.
  • I'm Catholic and my fiance is Jewish. My Catholic church has been very agreeable to having a rabbi come in and doing an interfaith ceremony, but they want it done in the church and we haven't been able to find a rabbi who is willing to come yet. If you've had any luck with your ceremony, and are willing to share any details, I'd really appreciate it!
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