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Engagement Pictures/Photographer troubles

Hey y'all! For those of you who have gotten your engagement pictures done already...how many pictures did you get back? Did your photographer give you the option to see all of your pictures? Also, how long did it take for you to get your pictures back? I am getting a little nervous about my photographer and I wanted to see what everyone's experiences were and what's the norm.

Re: Engagement Pictures/Photographer troubles

  • We got a little over 80 photos back for about 90 mins of shooting. I'm not sure if the 80+ were exactly every single shot he took but if there were more than 80+ they were prob duplicates of the exact same pose he sent us. I think it took about 2 weeks for us to get the link to the online gallery and then shortly after we got the disc with all the photos in the mail.
  • Hi

    We got 90 back....have to say it felt like he took a lot more than that. We had a meeting with him about 3 days after shoot to sign the contract for the wedding and he gave me a link to his 4 favorite photos. Had all over them within a week of the shoot. 
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  • That's a lot!  I'm a full time photographer (for 9 years now) and for our clients we give about 60 images for 1-2 hour sessions and 20 images (all fully edited to perfection) for our 25 minute "mini sessions".  We sort out all the ones that are less flattering, duplicates, blinking, etc.
  • We got our link to pics within the week and she posted a nice preview on FB for us a few days later, which was really exciting and fun for others to see, as I prob wouldn't have uploaded a ton of pics myself.   We probably got close to 100 shots back.  I'm really happy w our photog and can't wait for the big day!


    What are the reasons you're getting nervous about your photog?

  • @futuremrsjms Well I think she over-committed because it took her much longer than she originally estimated to get our pictures back.  I also felt like there was a lack of communication because I it was constantly me reaching out to her to check the status.  Not once did she reach out to me or offer an explanation.  On a few occasions she would give me a date that I could expect them, and that day would come and go with no word from her.  Sometimes it would be over a week later with no word until I would call her again.  I am pretty easygoing and I would have been a lot happier if I at least got a message like "hey Jordan I know I told you such and such date but I need a little more time".  I kind of felt ignored.  It got to a point where I feel like I kind of cornered her, and she quickly edited and e-mailed them one by one in like an hour.  So clearly she hadn't even started on them despite telling me she was "working on them".  She has shot several other weddings and I loved her work.  But for our engagement pictures you could tell they were thrown together.  The quality was nowhere near what I have seen she is capable of.  Maybe I am paranoid, or a little too particular, but it makes me very nervous for the wedding! 
  • @jordanmllr-I can totally understand your frustration with the lack of communication.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves and the event coordinator at my venue is not good at promptly replying to me via email  Her unresponsiveness made me fear that I booked the wrong venue! (my FI reasoned w me that our wedding is still months away and not her top priority at the moment-OK)

    Prior to the wedding, I would definitely go over with her the "must have" shots you want.

    I don't have the best advice bc I too, am paranoid, particular and just super excited and anxious for the big day!

    You booked her for a reason, so just have faith in your decision and trust that the pics will be perfect!

  • @futuremrsjms Thanks girl!  You're right, I just need to calm down.  I do plan on talking to her prior to the wedding.  As long as I get married I think I'll consider the day a success, regardless of whatever else happens lol.
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