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Wedding Shower - "How Well Do You Know the Couple" quiz (+word search??)

Planning a friend's all-female bridal shower and I'm looking to get opinions on a game idea. 

We want to do a "How Well Do You Know the Couple?" quiz with questions about the bride and groom. We've come up with about 15 questions for the game. 

I'm wondering---would it be too much to incorporate the answers to those questions into a word search on the same sheet of paper? 

My thought is that if people don't know either the bride or groom very well, the answers could be "deciphered" from the word search? 

And for how the game is "won"....

If it's just the questions, I think it makes the most sense to have the "winner" be the person with the most correct answers. 

If it's the questions AND the word search---then would it make more sense to have the "winner" be the one that finishes first? 

What would you prefer if you were attending a shower?  

The other games will include a celebrity couples match-up icebreaker, and a game where people guess how old the couple is in various photos.

Re: Wedding Shower - "How Well Do You Know the Couple" quiz (+word search??)

  • You are way, way , way over thinking this.  I am not a huge fan of word search.  I did that game, then gave the answers and had people check their own papers.  All who got 100% were put in a pile and the bride drew the winner.  I also found a ton of games, with answer keys on Pinterest.  There was a candy match game, (ex Hundred Grand candy bar matched Price of the Wedding, etc.). I knew lots of ladies don't really like the games, so to create incentive, I got really great gifts (Marshall's TJ Maxx, Ross) like a mirrored box, pretty wine glasses, etc.  for $5.00 or less.  Even the stiff "I don't play" types, got competitive for the prizes.  
  • I think the word search would cause a ton of confusion.  I would recommend that whoever is done with the questions first raise their hand and someone checks there answers.  if they get all of them right they win the prize (you have to have prizes or people will not want to play), if not then you move onto the next person who completed it in time.  I find most often the guests will share each others answers and then you will have everyone winning so setting a time limit will prevent this.
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  • I would do it without the word search! Ask the questions and people write their answers. After all questions have been asked, you read out the answers, people tally their total, and the person with the most points win. You can ask, "did anyone get more than 5", 7, 9 and so on until no one answers and you have your winner.
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