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non local getting photos at the Boneyard / neon signs

Hi I was wondering if anyone can give me some information about getting wedding photos at the boneyard neon signs. Its says for non locals its like $400 and for locals its $150, plus the photo package.
Is there any limo / photo packages that include this? I have found a few that have a picture of the boneyard, but non seem to answer me back to see if the boneyard is one of their photo locations.


Re: non local getting photos at the Boneyard / neon signs

  • The boneyard requires you to book a time slot with them and it's quite expensive unfortunately.  I'm not aware of any third party vendor who includes a boneyard visit in a photo package a discounted rate.  When my wife and I booked there to do 1st anniversary photos, they not only required knowing the number of people who would be present, but they had a hard limit of two professional photographers and also needed their names in advance; it is really weird.  I suspect most photographers in Vegas would probably not want to jeopardize their access to the boneyard by claiming to book it as a local, so you'll probably be stuck paying their ridiculous prices if you want to do a shoot there.  It was on the high side of what I consider reasonable when we did our shoot two years ago, but they've increased prices further since then and I'm really not a fan at this point.  There are a bunch of restored signs scattered about through Fremont St, so it may be an option for you to just walk around Fremont to get some great pics?

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  • I thought it was more expensive to do photos at the Boneyard. Last time I looked, it was ~$750, but I might have been looking at something else rather than wedding photos.

    They're pretty strict due to the value of the signs, the likelihood for things to be damaged, and, of course, their reputation. It's so popular at the moment that it might be worth looking at doing anniversary photos instead (that's what we're planning).
  • Agree with all of the above. It is $400 use the main one for an hour. It is $150 for 30 mins at their new gallery.

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