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Bachelorette Party?

Anyone having their bachelorette party in Vegas? I'm having mine the night before my wedding but this will be my first time in Vegas. I want you hear what you all have planned!

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  • We are doing dinner at Sugar Factory then headed to do a scavenger hunt/bar crawl on Fremont Street followed by an evening at Palms clubs. I am soooo excited. We are doing it a couple days before the wedding because I don't want to be super hungover for the wedding day. 
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  • I did mine two nights before the wedding! Nothing too crazy- just drinks & apps in the hotel room, Chippendales, then some time at a nightclub. Most of us were seriously jetlagged so that was a little rough :)
  • I did mine two nights before the wedding, we totally needed a day to recover!  We did some fun party games in our suite with apps and champagne, then dinner at China Pablano, then Thunder from Down Under, then met guys at Bourbon Room until someone had the idea to go to Olympic Gardens.  Followed by late night Peppermill!  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • I live here in Vegas, and I'm hoping to persuade my bridesmaids to do a pole dance class. :)  
    It looks awesome! 
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    We're getting a cabana at the pool during the day, dinner that evening, Chippendales, then night club. Somehow they want to squeeze in a pole dance class but I'd rather not (maybe another night). My ceremony is later the next evening so I should be ok.
  • I'm also local, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, then Hyde at Bellagio.  Unplanned we got handed free drink tickets for bellagio's other club so went there after (not as good, didn't stay long) and then ended up at Hustler b/c the girls didn't want to call it a night.

    @vegasbride082015 I assume someone else is doing the planning of course, but I might gently suggest to them that the club should be something no one loses $ on if you guys don't show.  I never feel super drunk doing the day/pool clubs but between that and the sun it wipes me out, and after going all day at least some of your group may want to call it a night after Chippendales.
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    Good point! I really wasn't a fan of such a long day but I'm not planning, (although my input was requested). I know they are doing a Chippendales/club package deal so I'll bring that point up. The heat tends to drain me! It never fails.
  • We're not really wanting to do stag(ette)s, so I think we're going to find some way to end up at Drais or Chateau. They're both on my Vegas night club bucket lists. :)
  • Chateau for us as well!
  • Chateau is one of my faves! It's where we are having our nightclub reception :) 
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  • Good to know! I've always wanted to go to Chateau, it just has never lined up with my trips.
  • We arrive in Vegas Tues Oct 13th and our wedding is Fri 10 16th. On Wed we are having a joint bach/bachelor party, but we are having separate dinners first. Us ladies are going to Pink Taco (the guys have not decided yet). After dinner we are meeting at the High Roller.After that we are going to me and my fiancee fav The Hofbräuhaus. From there we are doing a package through 247 Limos that includes transportation to Olympic Gardens Strip Club, no waiting in line, and admission. Us ladies and my close gay friends will head upstairs to see the male dancers and the men will go see the lady dancers on the first floor. The limo will drop us off where ever our hearts desire, but I have yet to figure that part out.
  • I would highly recommend a day between the stag and the wedding. 

    We started at 1pm we went to liquid at aria for a bit, headed over to PBR rock bar at PH, for happy hour and a late lunch/early dinner. Headed back to our rooms to get ready for a 715pm limo pickup, out to the Las Vegas sign, then we went to Chippendales and head to Tao after. We hit the grand lux cafe for a 4am meal and headed "home". 

    We started with 19 girls and ended with 6 (whom all were very hungover the next day)

    You can view my invite here:

    Oh we also used Lavish Vegas
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  • I'm also doing mine the Thursday before Saturday wedding. I know I'll need a day to de-bloat and recover;)
    We are planning Thunder from Down Under then clubbing. I know a few people mentioned Lavish Vegas but has anyone used Trenz? Or other companies that help you plan the bachelorette in a package?
  • We did this package with 10 girls for a bachelorette party that includes VIP Thunder tickets, a limo ride, and some club tickets with drink vouchers:

    It was about $120/pp after taxes. We got a seat right in front so it was nice. The open bars were nice for some of the clubs, but they were only vodka based drinks.. so meh.

    We probably could have gotten a cheaper deal if we rented the limo separately but I wasn't the one who planned it. 
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    We are using

    Now I wish the bachelorette party was on Thursday, so I can have a rest day. Some of my girls have booked  their flights already so Friday it is. I hope I'm not too hung over the next day!

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