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wedding rehearsel

We are having our ceremony in the Juno Gardens at Caesars.. I am having a dilemna trying to decide if we want to do a rehearsel the night before, or just have my coordinator give us instuctions on the day of the wedding. If we decide to do a rehearsel with the officant and coordinator and our wedding party the night before its going to cost us an extra $300, and I'm just not sure if its worth it. But it makes me really nervous to think about not knowing what we will be doing until the day of the ceremony. Are any of you guys just skipping the rehearsel??

Re: wedding rehearsel

  • Skipped it! Didn't miss it at all. Watch a few of their weddings online first, it'll help
  • I agree skip it spend the $300 elsewhere n like she said watch online videos I'm sure it will be easy to catch on
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    Skip it.

    There's really nothing to it. Your coordinator will line everyone up and then motion when it's time for each BM to start walking. Then, when the music changes, that's your cue to start walking (unless you're using the same music).

    When you get to the front of the aisle, hand your bouquet to your MOH and turn toward your FI. Hold both hands, facing each other, through the ceremony. If you decide not to do this, hold your bouquet until it's time for you to exchange rings.

    Your minister will walk you through the ceremony. Ours said things like, "Wrigley, take FI's hand and repeat after me."

    I like the video suggestion. I was able to find lots of wedding videos online before our trip. Our WP had been in weddings before and agreed we didn't need a rehearsal. H had only been to two weddings, ever, so they were mostly for him to watch and learn. We didn't have a single hiccup on our wedding day.

  • Yes, $300!! I thought it was insane. Thank you for the suggestions ladies! I think we will just watch some videos and skip it!
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    It depends on how many you have in your party. My ceremony is also in Juno Gardens. We are paying the $300 (because if you purchase the rehearsal you can have as many bridesmaids as you want without paying individually). But I have a larger party so I think I would have opted for the rehearsal anyway. Also, I have a very specific way I want the music/walks done.
  • I was in a wedding in vegas last year at mandalay bay. Never been to the location before the wedding. The coordinators tell everyone when to walk out and you stand in a row. Don't stress if you decide to skip it. Everything will work out just fine. :)
  • Unless you have a ton of people in the wedding and everyone is type A, I completely agree to skip it.
  • Ours is free and I'm still skipping it. I figured everyone would tell me what to do and when.
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  • Thanks guys! I'm feeling much better about our decision to skip it.
  • If you don't have some kind of elaborate ceremony with special things that are occurring, I'd skip it. 

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