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September 2015 Weddings

Thursday Partner brag?

NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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I'm bored at work today so I thought I'd start a happy positive Partner Brag thread for my fellow September Brides/grooms!

What has your partner done lately that made you smile, made you think 'yup, this is why I'm marrying you' or just like the luckiest person in the world!

My FI has been out of town all week, back in our home town (where we will be getting married) visiting family and going to some appointments. He works 10 and 5 where I work Monday-Friday, so he goes back home now and then without me on his days off. It's a 7 hour drive there so It's often not feasible to go down together on a weekend because 14 hours of driving for a day of visiting is exhausting.

Anyhoo, I was admittingly feeling kinda sad and a bit jealous that he was back there and getting to see my family and his family and generally have a blast while I was stuck up here working.

He calls me last night to tell me about his day and he had:
-met with our caterer and paid our deposit
-gone to the craft store and picked up the flowers i was missing for boquets as well as some stuff for centerpieces
-gone to the bulk barn to get a cost quote on favour candy
-gone to the rental store to get a quote and open an account for renting glassware
-gone to friends family liquour store to get a better idea of what we would need for booze, and picked up two bottles of wine 
from them to test as table wine (They recommended the wine and then gave him the bottles for free to test!!)

This was all without me asking him to do anything wedding related while he was visiting! I had figured i'd take a personal day in february or march to make a long weekend to go and get some stuff done.

I'm super amazed at his enthusiasm for our wedding and not only his willingness to help, but the fact that he WANTS to help and goes out of his way to help.

I gots me a good one!

Re: Thursday Partner brag?

  • This is so sweet! I just want my FI to give a date so I can schedule our dance lesson! LOL. 
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  • This is awesome :)

    My fiance is just the sweetest guy - I'm from New England and we have had HORRIBLE storms the past few days and I am the furthest thing from a morning person, haha.

    Every. Single. Day this winter he has gone outside to the car in the morning (and he leave for work later than I do) starts my car and scrapes the windows. This morning he carved "I <3 You" into the car's side window :)  He's a good one!
  • @SoontobeMrsKlein‌ that is super sweet!!

    @gradybird‌ I love my fiancé for the exact same reason. He dug both of us out of the recent blizzard (we live in MA). I am not a morning person either so I appreciate that he always has my car cleaned off and ready to go. He also gives me traffic updates in the morning as he leaves before me and we both commute the same route into the city. It's the little things that add up and make you appreciate your other half!
  • @SoontobeMrsKlein - Your FH is on the ball and it's wonderful that he is into the wedding planning.  My FH is the "whatever you want" kind of groom which has its good and bad points. 

    My FH is very in tune with me and knows just what to say or do to make me feel better or just make me smile.  He likes to send me random "love" notes and while I know he does this, he just seems to always do it when I need it the most.  It always makes my day, never gets old, and just one of those little things that remind me how much he loves my crazy self and how much in tune he is with me.  I heart him so!!

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • I'm late to the party on this one, but hey-it's Thursday (and I'm having a very slow day at the office!)

    @soontobrmrsklein that is amazing that your FI took the iitiative on all of those things.  Super impressed!

    @island07b2b my FI is the ame as yours in regards to the wedding planning.

    My FI is really amazing at the day to day stuff.  He always does the cleaning, changes the sheets, does laundry. I'm incredibly lucky!

  • @island07b2b my FI is very "whatever makes you happy dear" about the wedding too haha, I'm pretty sure he would have been happier just driving down to the courthouse.


    My FI is a "free lance" plumber and just finds his own work so most days he's working 12hrs straight but on his days off he gets SO much renovating done to the house it just amazes me.  A lot of people give me grief because he doesn't do any of the cooking or cleaning or anything but he makes up for it in his initiative.  We only bought our house in August and he's already replaced both of the elements in the hot water tank (voluntarily just so they wouldn't give us problems down the road), removed the disconnected wood furnace from the basement (pretty much a 500lb block of metal), reinstalled all our heating runs for the house so that it would be warmer and heat more efficiently, replaced the insulation on our exterior doors, installed a dishwasher in our kitchen, and he's been drawing up plans with his carpenter friend for us to build a deck in the spring! 

    Sometimes I feel like I'm carrying such a heavy load with doing all the housework and working full time but then I remember that I'm so lucky to have someone who has these skills and the initiative to undertake these big projects without even being asked.  Plus he told me that when we start having babies that I can leave work so that's a big blessing to me as well! :)

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