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Bridesmaids dresses?

Hi Ladies!!!! I am getting married on October 10th and was wondering when everyone ordered their bridesmaids dresses?   I currently live in FL but the wedding is in NY so its hard to do a shopping trip with all the girls.  I am coming up April 2nd  and May 15th but think may is to late?  Any feedback would be appreciated thanks!  Also looking for dress ideas under $200

Re: Bridesmaids dresses?

  • Davids bridal. Their dresses were 179
  • I just ordered mine from a local wedding shoppe who had dresses under $200 and over....I would suggest something soon though because our dresses are estimated to come in between 3-5 months from now so that doesn't leave a lot of time for alterations if they come in more towards 5 mos.
  • P.S. ask your local board for dress shop suggestions :)
  • We ordered ours the first week of February, and they are due in mid-June.  I think 4 months is pretty average for most designers when you aren't buying off the rack.  So, if your options are April or May, I would say try your best to do it in April.  That puts you to about August which should be an ample amount of time for alterations, but I always like to have a little bit of a cushion just in case something goes awry.  

    If for some reason it's challenging to make either of those dates work to get together with all of your girls for a shopping trip and are thinking of pushing it further out, I'd say don't feel the absolute need for everyone to go shopping together.  Sometimes, especially when people are so spread out, it's just impossible to make it work.  If you have some guidelines they can follow or you have a designer/color/fabric/etc in mind, then trust them to go on their own if needed and just keep you informed.  Don't sweat it :)

  • Thanks ladies!!!! I April it is and if everyone can not come I will just tell them the designer name and have them choose!  Getting everyone together may drive me crazy!

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    My BMs ordered their dresses Feb 1, and we were told they'd ship in May and probably arrive in June. The bridal shop said they thought June would be the absolute latest to place the order for an October wedding.

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