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Signing the Marriage licence...

Just wondering how you guys in the states do the marriage licence signing? We (Aussies) usually get the paperwork and do the signing at the ceremony.

We're all booked for our April 8th wedding at The Wynn, and the celebrant will only perform the ceremony if you have a signed marriage license. We don't want to see each other until we're at the aisle but we would like the actuall date on our marriage to be signed and sealed on the same day we get married, the 8th!

Anyone have any ideas how we can sign the licence on the day without actually seeing each other? Is that even possible?

Would we just have to do the license and signing the day before ??

I have no idea how these things work :(

Re: Signing the Marriage licence...

  • JixxtJixxt member
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    oh just ignore this knotties! I just read the Clark County fine print over again. Now I (kinda) get the way it goes…
    - Apply for License
    - Pick up License, and sign
    - Celebrant performs marriage celebration but this is the date that will be recorded 
    - Celebrant submits to Clark County Recorder's Office
    - We can then order a certificate online when we get back to OZ 
  • A witness signs as well.  We picked up our license in advance, then after the ceremony was over on wedding day we, the officiant and the witness signed it.  The officiant filed it with the clerk the following week.

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  • Canadian here. Every wedding I've attended or photographed has involved the signing of the certificate as part of the ceremony. 

    Is this not a thing for Americans?
  • I've actually only been to one wedding where that was part of the ceremony; and I've been to probably 20+ weddings.

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

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  • I've never seen a certificate signed as part of the ceremony.

    Our witness signed the certificate before the ceremony, and after the ceremony we came back to a little room and signed the certificate along with the officiant, who took it and filed it later on.

    I think it easily could have been a nice addition to the ceremony itself!
  • I went to a wedding in St Lucia and the certificate was part of the ceremony.  But, that's the only time I've seen that... 
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  • Well, this is enlightening. I had no idea that the ceremony signing wasn't part of the ceremony.  Ugh, I wonder if the chapels want to charge extra for having it as part of the ceremony!
  • I had no clue about this either! In the UK the certificate is always signed by the bride, groom and witnesses as part of the ceremony since that's what makes it legal. Hope our officiant is up for working this into our ceremony!
  • amelishaamelisha Canadian Texas member
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    I didn't know about this either. We're Canadian and it's always part of the ceremony here. Some people even make a big thing of it and have someone sing during it or whatever. I'm going to have to warn my mother or she's going to think we accidentally got a vow renewal instead of a wedding, haha.

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  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    We asked our officiant to make it part of our ceremony, since I feel signing the marriage certificate is what makes a marriage official. We got a few compliments on it, as it's not commonly done. I think it's just as romantic as exchanging rings, as that certificate binds you together legally and officially.

    Most people I know sign it afterward and have their photographer take some pictures. That way, the moment is still captured.

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