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I've been going back and forth for a while now about DIYing flowers. Initially I wanted calla lilies for my December wedding, but they are so expensive, even fake ones. I found a tutorial for a paper rose, and made a sample bouquet. I really like how they turned out, but I'm just unsure...Thoughts?

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  • How you feel is most important, will you be disappointed in not having the lilies, and are you okay going with paper?

    I think the ones you made look nice. Have you checked on etsy? There are some paper lilies on there. That might be a compromise. I'm considering using paper flowers to have scattered on the table for decor, so have searched on there quite a bit lately.
  • I am doing paper flowers for bouquets and centerpieces. Besides just the cost of real flowers the deciding factor for me was that I really wouldn't get to enjoy the flowers if I got real ones. I mean you are spending so much money on something and it will be dead before you get back from your honeymoon. I know there is bouquet preservation but that's another added cost and while maybe I haven't seen the best ones but they don't look the same as they did on your wedding day. Paper won't really change. 

    I agree with PP though in that really it depends on how important the flowers are to you. You could also do both. Get some of the real flowers you really for your bouquet and use paper flowers for centerpieces or vice versa. It will help to cut costs and still give you what you want.
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  • I think the flowers you made look really nice. The whole bouquet has a nice shape and feel to it.

    I think as long as you're happy with the idea of paper flowers it'll be a really cool look for your wedding. (Btw, if you love calla lillies, here's a really easy tutorial to make paper ones of those too:

    I did a bunch of different kinds/colors of paper flowers for my shower and they were a huge hit. A lot of the older ladies were smuggling them out in their purses afterward. haha People get a kick out of seeing wedding details that the bride made herself.
  • @kellyem2 I love that calla lily tutorial! Thank you for posting that, I think I'll be adding some of those to my bouquets!
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  • I think they look good. I am planning paper flowers too. At first I was afraid people would think they looked "cheap". Then I realized the people we're inviting include only family and good friends, who would not judge me for this regardless. 

    As long as you like them and will like the way they look in the pictures go for it. 
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