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Sat. night / single wedding venue

I'm searching for a venue in North Jersey that does one wedding a night. I'd really prefer Saturday night, and I'd like to stay around $150/person all-in. Is this totally unrealistic?

Re: Sat. night / single wedding venue

  • Oh and anticipated attendance is somewhere between 150 and 200.
  • We got the park savoy for 185 but we still have to tip 20% on top of that and we had to book 16 months out so it's kinda possible.
  • Our wedding was at the Knoll Country Club. They have 2 buildings, but only 1 event per building, and the 2 are not visible from each other at all. We paid well under $150 all-in for a Saturday in May 2014.

  • Try il tulipano in cedar grove- 1 venue at a time and should be in range (or close to it... depending on month). 1 wedding at a time & food is great (They own RARE Steak House in Little Falls).
  • I am getting married at Primavera Regency 11/7/15 and it is $120 a person plus tax and grtuity which comes out to $150.  We guaranteed 140 people and the food is amazing!
  • il tuipano has one wedding at a time. we are doing a saturday this june.

    you must guarantee 150 
    prices in peak months is i believe 185 + 27% for tax and gratuities so over 200 per person.

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