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Hello Fellow Knotters.... 

So the groomsmen (there will be 2) already purchased their suits in a charcoal grey to wear to our wedding. My FH originally wanted to wear a suit also but there has been some debate recently as my dress is elaborate, full of embelishments, and just fancy pants...... We are concerned that if he wears a suit it will not "match" the look of my dress. He is ok with tux but the issue we are having now is can he wear a tux if the groomsmen wear suits????

I am leaning toward thinking this will be fine but wanted some more outside thought. 


Re: Suit & Tux

  • Well it might work since (I think) the groom ought to look different. We are just having a best man. So he will be in the same tux but we are changing it up where my groom will wear an ivory tie, best man will wear a Tiffany blue tie.
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  • My fiance' really wants to look different from his groomsmen so that he feels like he stands out.  My personal opinion (although it is probably the unpopular one) is "why not?!"  Its his day too, and its not like he had a hand in picking my dress.  I want him to feel comfortable in whatever he decides to wear (thankfully, he actually decided to just wear a different color suit and tie, so its not SO different). 
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    I told my FI to get whatever he wanted. That at the end of the day, I don't care about the uniformity of photos, I care that he felt handsome and was wearing something he wanted to wear.

    He wants to look like James Bond. So thats what we are going with. We're doing grey suits. His mum has expressed concern that grey suits aren't formal enough for a wedding (she's very traditional), but at the end of the day if I love my dress and he loves his suit it really doesn't matter what others think.

  • having a dilemma also, my groomsmen are wearing grey suits, but I wanted my FH to wear the ivory with black lapel dinner jacket and black pants. my concern is will they match? I don't want him to blend in with the groomsmen but I want some sort of color coordination. decisions, decisions?!?1
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